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June 12, 2022
Save over $888 on a Portable TV Studio while supplies last

Hello Cassie Cultists!

We hope our e-newsletter finds you busy with summer bookings and shootings! We just returned from a Napa, CA Wedding June 4th, and the wine country roads, venues, hotels, and eateries were jammed with wedding goers.

Speaking of weddings, Bogart 13 has a great feature built into it, which can be very valuable for Wedding Producers. With the click of a couple of buttons in the Export Menu it will automatically save every still frame of the video in your Storyboard to an external hard drive. One could just sell the drive(s) with every still frame of the video, and your customer could have prints made of each one they like. Or you could monetize the print process as well. If you shoot in Full 2K HD or UHD/4K,  you could even replace the Wedding Photographer and make more money.

  • Upgrading to Bogart 13 from Bogart 12 is $165 on either of the Windows or Linux Platforms.
  • Upgrading to Bogart 13 from Bogart 11 to 6 is $249 on the Windows Platform.
  • Upgrading to Bogart 13 from Bogart 11 to 8 is $249 on the Linux Platform.
  • Upgrading to Bogart 13 from Bogart 7 and under is $299 on the Linux Platform.
  • Buying Bogart 13 Gold for your new Windows PC is $349.

All of our turn-key systems include the $349 Bogart 13 Gold Operating System. While supplies last, our most popular Portable TV Studio also includes Fonts Packs 1 to 4 (about 100 fonts), FX Packs 5 to 8 (about 100 FX’s) and Windows Pro Pack,  a value of $437. So, the $2999 Portable TV Studio comes with $888 worth of software. If you include the Windows Professional OS Edition, the included software is worth more than $1000. Even more important, we have setup over 1000 Bogart Gold Operating Systems on the Windows Professional Operating System for high resolution video editing and use a proven bulletproof multistep process. The steps are done in a specific order to guarantee high performance. Then we test it for 2 days until it passes all high-performance tests.  It is way cheaper than trying to set one up yourself. Plus, we set it up with remote viewing software, so if you ever have a problem, we can remotely service your system. Hurry, we only have 5 Portable TV Studios left with this special software deal!

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Here’s to a busy summer shooting and editing season!


Gary McNally

Managing Director, MacroSystem Americas LLC


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