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February 2, 2011
2001 MGT coming up quick!

Attention all Casablanca Users! It's time to get ready to attend this year's annual March Get Together! This is a National Convention for users of Casablanca Digital Video Editors hosted by Jim Meeker and other users. There is 3.5 days of programs, demonstrations, classes in all phases of video work, behind the camera and in the edit bay. You'll see the latest software and hardware from Macrosystem. There's also lots of special seminars like making a "Movie" using actual film making or "Hollywood" style shooting and editing techniques and two workshops for hands-on learning from the "Casablanca Expert" himself, Mr. Chet Davis. There's tons of prizes from software to hardware and even some surprises. And this year, for the first time, get a chance to finally meet Macrosystem's very own Casablanca Video Production wizard and Technical Projects chief, Justin Philpott. Come on out and join us! You'll have a blast. Visit www.marchgettogether.com for more details and to register. 


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