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July 5, 2011
Bogart 4 Now Released!!

Bogart 4 is now available for all S-Series video editors. 

Highlights of Bogart 4 include the following:
- .png graphic import ability with alpha channel.
- Native export formats (not in Media Manager) for YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
- Freely selectable pre-sets for f/x lengths
- Freely definable f/x favorites which appear above the 'bar' in the f/x list.
- Pop-up menu for play, trim, and clipboard with small right trackball button.
- AVCHD controls during import for brightness, gamma, color, contrast, and audio volume.
- Ability to control the volume of the entire audio track under the global fx button in the Audio Mix menu.

Click Here for full details.

Pricing will be as follows:

Upgrade (from v3.x) - $179.00
Full (from v2.x) - $249.00

Installation DVD can be downloaded here.

Release Notes and User's Manual can be downloaded here.

Contact your local Casablanca Dealer to order now.

July 5, 2011
PIP 3D v2 - Now for Bogart!
PIP Studio 3D now has a version 2 that has been adapted to work on the Bogart OS.  It comes with over 40 new forms and manifestations, and 6 new edges.  It works in both SD and HD.

It also now includes a global shadow with transparency, and design options for the surface structures and reflections (similar to Deluxe Titler 3D for Bogart).

Pricing will be as follows:

Full version - $249.00
Upgrade (for PIP 3D v1 owners) - $99.00

This software is on the All Software disc which can be downloaded here .


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