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January 5, 2022
Bogart 13 for Windows and the Standalones is released!

Happy New Year Cassienauts!

Boy have we got some great news to begin the New Year! Bogart 13 for Windows and Linux is released in the Americas. It was released in Europe before the Holidays, and they sold 550 licenses. We tried to get it out to you before the Holidays,  but two floods closed our offices, and we are just now getting back to the new normal.

Our Bogart 13 Webpage has all kinds of information and videos for you: https://www.macrosystem.us/Bogart_13_for_Windows_and_Linux.php

What it does not say, is that Compoesy has a new feature that will save you time. If you have a big fat file of Full HD or UHD, no longer do you have to Import the whole file and split out the sections you need. You can select IN and OUT points before Import. Until the end of February Compoesy is free with the purchase or Upgrade of Bogart 13 Gold for Windows or the Standalones (Linux). Compoesy should release early in the Spring.

All of our Casablanca 4 Turn-Key Systems come with Bogart 13 Gold and the Compoesy Software.

Click here for our three Casablanca 4 Portable TV Studios

Click here for our two Casablanca 4 TV Studios

If you are not a PC Windows Expert and prefer to spend your time editing video instead of tweaking a computer, we highly recommend our Turn-Key Systems. Each build is a 3-day job: 1) Assembly and loading all software, 2) Tweaking all settings for UHD data rates, doing three Bogart test projects of SD, HD, and UHD, 3) Exporting to Disc, Web, H.264, H.265, carefully double boxing, and shipping. Should your Casablanca 4 System ever require service, we can remotely take control of your system, and fix most problems. If you require MacroSystem Americas Service, we have service centers on each coast.


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