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April 21, 2010
Software Updates

The following software updates are now available:

Caladan v1.8a.  Now the popular printing program, Caladan, is also available for Bogart SE.  Print DVD covers and media from your projects.  Note: The Caladan will actual have two versions on the Add On Software CD.  The Caladan v1.6 will be what you use for SE (Smart Edit) machines, the Caladan v1.8a is what you use for Bogart machines.   Be aware that some older HP printers that don't support CD/DVD prints won't work if you try to print with that particular label setting in the program.

Pro Club 2009 v1.0.  The Pro Club 2009 software is a free program exclusively for Casablanca Club members.  It includes a new Countdown engine that allows you to add sound bumps, mix different types of backgrounds, and have more options to making creative countdowns .   It also includes a few free filter mixtures in the archives of the "Effect Stack" found in Image Processing.  The Pro Club software requires SE 8 or above to run on SE machines.  It requires version Bogart 2 or above on the Bogart systems.  

Click Here to download a current Add on Software CD.



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