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February 8, 2021
Bogart 12 Smart Edit released


Happy New Year Cassie Cultists, and good riddance to 2020!!!!

To warm up the cold and snowy Winter of 2021 we have some new tools to make masterpieces, while making the time fly at home.

Even better, all the software is on sale for 24% Off with the purchase of Bogart Smart Edit 12 and any add-on softwares.

Here are the highlights.

·         Easy upgrade from older versions - with v5-v12 options

·         Faster editing - through image analysis and storyboard effect generation

·         More effect possibilities - with 20 LUTs and 30 lower-third templates

·         Clearer Audio Mix menu - thanks to a quick display of the current scene area

·         Bogart 12 enables all the previous versions 6 to 11.

For access to all versions of Bogart 6 to 11 with one license you must have a license for Bogart 12. So, do not download and install Bogart 12 until you buy it and have the license number. That way you will not be locked out of your editor while you make connections with your Video Expert Reseller.

Sometimes we have deadlines, and new software usually has a learning curve that slows us down. If the learning curve is bogging you down, just go into the Install Product menu, select Bogart 12, and click on the HIDE button. Bogart 11 will now be active. Hide 11 and 10 will be active, and so on until you get back to the version you are comfortable with. This way you can productively transition to 12 with total knowledge, and your projects stay as your last edit session, regardless of the Bogart version.

When you download and unzip the Bogart 12 Zip Folder, you will find all the manuals from Bogart 9, 10, 11, and 12, as well as some other useful tools. You can also download and install the Bogart 12 Demo to make sure you like it before buying it. The Demo version is separate from the paid version on your hard drive, so having the Bogart 11 or earlier pay version, will not affect either one.

Videos are better than words, so here are the product and training videos of most of the Bogart, Arabesk, and newer add-on SW programs. Bogart 12Bogart 11, Bogart 10, Bogart 9, Bogart 8, Arabesk 8, Arabesk 7Time-X, Sentry 2 Disc Drive BUQuad Cam3, PIP Studio 4, and Slivers PIP made easy. Click Here for many other Product Videos.

All sales are through our Casablanca Video Editing Experts

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