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December 21, 2009
New Software packages

The following new software packages are now available:

Big Maps XXL - Bogart Only.  This is a new set of high resolution maps for the Columbus 3 program.  It contains over 200 maps including some full globe maps.  

FlagX 1 - Bogart Only.  FlagX 1 contains a large number of quality animated flags and background panels which can be placed on your footage with adjustments to their size and position.  These are different Eastern and Western European flags and background panels in this version. (American Flag and North America flags are NOT available in this version).   You'll find the FlagX 1 program in your Image Processing filter list.  FlagX 1 is compatible with both SD and HD projects and supports aspect ratios 4:3 and 16:9.   FlagX 1 needs Bogart SE 2 or higher to operate.

Flag X America  V 1.0.  Bogart only.   This is a follow up to the Flag X 1 program.  This new version contains North and South American flags, including the 50 U.S. state flags.  

December 21, 2009
Software Updates

The following software updates are now available:

Blue Box World  V 1.1.  For Bogart and SmartEdit.  This program has now been modified for use with Bogart!  This update has some additional language translations and minor fixes for use on SE 8 or higher. Users of SE 7 or below may wish to continue to use the older BB World 1.0 version from previous Add On CD's.   Note: There is currently a known issue in regards to deleting this product from the Install Product menu.  It may not delete from the list.

Particle Magic  V 1.1  - Bogart and SmartEdit.  This program has now been modified to work with Bogart OS!  Some translations are included and it can also be used for SmartEdit.

Photo Studio 2 V 2.2a - Bogart and SmartEdit.  This update is needed in preparation for the upcoming Photo Studio 3 version.  It's required if Photo Studio v3 is installed as a demo and you needed to go back to Photo Studio 2.

December 3, 2009
Music 2 Hues - Holiday Promotion
We are offering from now until the end of December, any 5 Flagship Series CD's for you to sell at $99.00 ( normally $145.00 ) plus shipping which will be $7.00 within the USA.

Click Here for a complete listing of the Music 2 Hues CD Library.


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