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March 11, 2014
McNally's Plug and Play Takes Over

We're excited to announce that Gary McNally of McNally's Plug and Play is going to be taking the reins of the MacroSystem line of products in the Americas.  Just as in Germany, where the largest Casablanca dealer became the new distributor, we've found the right company to take the Casablanca forward here in North and South America.

This toll free number will remain intact (877) 554-2846, and this new one (360) 371-4942. You can also reach Gary at gary@macrosystem.us  Please be patient during the first couple of months as the systems and new offices need to be setup, and much remains in boxes after the 1500 mile journey.

Gary McNally
MacroSystem Americas
4282 Arnie Rd.
Blaine, WA 98230


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