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April 23, 2018
50% Off ALL SW - $200 to 500 Off Casablanca 4's


2018 has been a huge year for the Casablanca and Macrosystem Americas, LLC, and it only figures to get better. This year we have released Bogart 10 for Windows and Linux, Windows Pro Pack, Time-X, and we have a professional Picture in Picture program in development. We now have over 200 programs for Windows, Linux, and Smart Edit; and all of them are on sale for 50% off until May 17, 2018.

To get the 50% off you must spend at least $350 for at least $700 worth of retail software. In other words, add up all the software you want, and you only pay half price (if you pay at least $350). If you are just starting out with Bogart for Windows, we would recommend Bogart 10 Gold for Windows, Windows Pro Pack, Time-X, Arabesk 7, and Disk Juggler for $372.50 (normally $745).  And you can add as many titles as you want to this, and just pay 50% off retail pricing. We have never seen prices this low in our 17 years, so now would be the time to load up.

To qualify for the deal of the century:

1)      Complete the sale by May 17, 2018. Sorry, there are no exceptions!

2)      This offer cannot be combined with any other offers or bundles or deals.

3)      Pay at least $350 for at least $700 worth of Software. You are certainly welcome to pay $1000 for $2000 worth of SW, or even better $2K for $4K, etc., etc..

4)      You cannot mix serial numbers in the same transaction. You can do as many transactions as you want, but each one must be the same SN#, and over $350 to qualify.

5)      If you use the same serial later during the sale, you will need to pay at least $350 to qualify for the 50% off again. (This is a per transaction deal). Time is money!

Our hardware and software allow you to make 2 to 6 times more money than your competitor. Video edits can be done 2 to 6 times faster in Bogart, because all the repetitive tasks are located on the top level, and not buried deep in sub-menus.  Here is how to spend a little to make a lot:





Our Casablanca 4 turnkey video edit systems have a new high-end model called the Casablanca 4 Saphir 2. It boasts an Intel Kaby Lake i7-7700 processor, 2 Hard Drives: 240Gb Solid State Drive for fast boot-ups and operations, and a 6 TB Hard Drive for all your Video and Audio, 2 DVD/Blu-ray burners, and 32Gb of DDR4 Ram. And even better, it is on sale for $400 off, while quantities last. The Casablanca 4 Meteor Pro Ultra, and Studio Pro Ultra have been upgraded to the Intel Kaby Lake i7-7700 processor and are on sale for $200 and $500 OFF, respectively! These high-end units come with a pretty good set of software, so don¬ít buy something in the SW Sale you already get with them. Click the link below, and then select the models for a list of the included software:



All information and sales are through our Value Added Reseller network. They all edit daily on our gear and know it better than we do. If you do not have a VAR, you can pick from this list:




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