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June 15, 2011
Bogart 3.6c Released!!
Bogart 3.6c is now released.  

The 3.6c is now a universal version for all models of Bogart (S4000, S4000 Pro, S2000, S4100, S3000, and S6000's).

Fixes include:  (full listing on Release Notes)

-Random drop frames when using DV input reduced with use of new easy workable solution (see release notes).

-Down converts from HD to SD with the clipboard and Arabesk have had some quality improvements.

-The display issue where the pause button was needed to re-sync audio on longer storyboard playbacks has been resolved.  (S3000/S6000's)

-F4 key now ejects the DVD tray on the Bogart side.

Click Here to download the software and full Release Notes.

June 9, 2011
A Fantastic Story & some Great VIdeo.

Fellow Casablanca owner/editor Sylvain Renaud had an amazing opportunity to join Project North on their recent journey to donate hockey equipment to the children of Pond Inlet, 700km above the Arctic Circle.  The full story and Syl's amazing videos can be seen here.  

All of Syl's videos are produced solely on his Casablanca S-4100. 

June 2, 2011
Lower prices on ECHO duplicators
Effective June 1, prices on ECHO duplicators have decreased.

New Pricing on ECHO CD/DVD duplicators.

1 to 3 449.00
1 to 4-Value*     399.00
1 to 5 549.00
1 to 7 639.00
1 to 9 789.00
1 to 11 899.00
* Value edition has no internal hard drive.

New Pricing on ECHO Blu-ray duplicators.

0 to 2    899.00
0 to 4 1,399.00
0 to 6 1,949.00
0 to 8 2,449.00
0 to 10 2,999.00

Read more about ECHO duplicators here.

June 2, 2011
Music 2 Hues June Special

For the month of June, get any 5 individual Flagship CD's for only $99 (plus shipping).

Click Here for a complete CD listing and track samples.


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