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January 22, 2020
Chet's Free YouTube Webinar

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January 13, 2020
New Year Sale--up to 50% OFF


Happy New Year and New Decade!

The MacroSystem Americas and European teams have returned to work after a much-needed respite from the daily grind.  We hope you had a restful and remarkable holiday as well!

It is a good time to be recharged and ready to creatively edit, as we have significantly lowered our prices, and multiple 2020 New Year promotions continue until the end of January.

The new year and decade demand new ideas and we promise not to disappoint. Not only is US software now at an all-time low, but Germany is giving up to 50% off these historically low prices until the end of January. Not only is this available with all the Casablanca 3 and 4 Systems, but with all the non-Casablanca PC Systems.

Our loyal Cassie Cultists began putting Bogart for Windows on their own PC’s over 5 years ago, and most of those machines were old at the time. This is fine for users still editing DV, which is just Standard Definition, but most have moved on to HD. With 4 times the data of HD, the processor in these old machines cannot reliably or efficiently process all the data. So new this year is a way to transfer all your Bogart SW for free to a new PC and get into the 2K HD and 4K UHD game.

You can even buy a new PC from a retail store, but we prefer you buy one of our Casablanca 4 models. Between Germany and the US, we spend a week setting up and testing each Casablanca 4 model for the highest performance. Nothing you buy retail will have our special setup sauce, or the rigorous testing! Plus, there is no bloatware on our systems.

Put your software or hardware wish list together and call your Casablanca Expert Reseller. Or, since they are Video Production companies who have been using our software and hardware for decades, they can save you some time doing all the research. Plus, they can explain the procedure for a free Bogart software transfer from an old machine to a new one. But remember retail PC’s are setup for basic word processing tasks. The HD video data rate is 2Mb per second, or 1.2Gb per minute; so, we recommend our high-powered trouble-free guaranteed MacroSystem setup.

With lower German and US software everyday pricing, 45 Software Titles are $50 or less.  Six SW Titles are an everyday $33, so you would qualify for 50% off everything you buy at one time by getting five of those: 5x$33= $165 x .50 = $82.50. Click here to see the hatchet job we did on everyday pricing!

Click here for add-on software video demonstrations, we have some killer new software. This sale is just for the 250 add-on SW titles for the Bogart Casablanca 3 Linux standalones, Bogart Casablanca 4 Windows systems, and your Windows PC’s.

The Casablanca 2 Smart Edit systems would also qualify, but we do not recommend it. There are no new parts for those systems, and they will only do SD until they finally reach 110 in video edit system years, and finally pass on to a better world after a very long productive life. However, if you want to gamble your ancient Cassie 2 will last a few months longer, we can sell Smart Edit SW, but there can be no refunds. Here are the most critical missing items in order of importance:  Smart Cards that contain the SW (If you have a Cassie 2 system that will not boot up, nothing can be done, as there are no Smart Cards), IDE Drives which capture the video, Motherboards, Video Boards, Power Supplies, and Pioneer DVD burners have not been made for a decade. Etc. Etc.

Besides the lowest pricing ever on every Add-on Software title you buy this month, also pick one of the 6 Pro Club Software titles for free for every SW add-on title you buy. If you buy 5 or more add-ons at one time for one serial number, you get all 6 Pro Club 2013 to 2019 SW Titles free, and then you do not need to watch this video and decide which ones you want for free:  Click here for a short video that will help you pick your favorites because they do not run in demo mode.

Bogart 7 and Arabesk 6 Bundle for $169 until January 31.  Not everyone needs UHD and Full HD and all the other new features of Bogart 11 and Arabesk 8, particularly on the Bogart Linux Standalones. Any users with Bogart 6 and Arabesk 5 or below would benefit from at least Bogart 7 and Arabesk 6, and we are heavily discounting them so you can add many features and bug fixes. So, for $169, you can vastly improve your editing experience, and it would qualify you for lower upgrade pricing on Bogart 8 to 11 and Arabesk, should your needs ever change.

The 2020 MacroSystem Casablanca 4 turnkey video edit systems are a much better deal until January 31 with up to 7 free add-on SW Titles of your choice, and all 6 Pro Club Paks for 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019,  in addition to the SW that comes with each model:

New Year Sale (ends January 31):  

The  MacroSystem Casablanca 4 Saphire 2  ($4899)   Trade-ins are allowed, and pick any 7 Add-ons Free, in addition to the good basic set of software that comes with it: Bogart Windows 11 GOLD, Windows Pro Pack, Arabesk 8, Fonts Packs 1 to 4, HD Sentry BU, Disk Juggler, PowerKey, and all 6 Pro Club Paks 2014 to 2019.

The MacroSystem Casablanca 4 Studio Pro 2 ($3699) allows trade-ins, and pick any 7 Add-ons Free, and get all 6 Free Club Packs from 2014 to 2019.  The basic included software: Bogart Windows 11 GOLD, Arabesk 8), Fonts Packs 1 to 4, HD Sentry BU, and PowerKey.

The MacroSystem Casablanca 4 Travel 2 ($3099) does not allow trade-ins, but pick any 5 Add-ons Free, and 6 Free Club Packs 2014 to 2019. The basic included software: Bogart Windows 11 GOLD, Windows Pro Pack, Fonts Packs 1 to 4, and Hard Drive Back Sentry.

The MacroSystem Casablanca 4 Meteor 2 ($2999) does not allow trade-ins, but pick any 5 Add-ons Free, and 6 Free Club Packs 2014 to 2019. The basic included software:  Bogart Windows 11 GOLD, Arabesk 8, Fonts Packs 1 to 4, and HD Sentry BU.

The MacroSystem Casablanca 4 Studio 2 ($2499) does not allow trade-ins, but pick any 3 Add-ons Free, and 6 Free Club Packs 2014 to 2019. The basic included software:  Bogart Windows 11 GOLD, Arabesk 8, Fonts Packs 1 to 4, HD Sentry BU, and PowerKey.


I will be joining the Casablanca Expert Chet Davis for a free Public webinar on all the latest SW Saturday January 18 @ 8AM Pacific Time. To register click here. If you miss the live event you will get an email with the link to it from Chet a few days later. There is some excellent software to buy for as much as 50% off before the end of January.  Click here for short video of the new Arabesk 8 which releases this weekend. Chet has had it a month, so looking forward to that. I’m hoping Chet does his 12 Tips of Christmas again this year too!


All sales are through our Casablanca Video Editing Experts!  They have been using our software daily for video production over 2 decades and know it better than I do. I knew it well in the nineties but have been mired in business operations ever since then. However, I do still work with our Beta Team to verify possible bugs. So, the Casablanca Video Experts will get you into what C4 you need for the formats you work with, the type of jobs you do, your video delivery needs, and then place the order to us. We spend a day setting the turnkey system up for high performance video editing and another day testing all the data intensive functions. Therefore, it works right out of the box every time. In the unlikely event you do have problems over the years, 99% of those can be fixed remotely over the Internet while you watch, or while you are away.

For the 29 years of MacroSystem or the 40 or 50 years of hardware and software it will always be the same situation. Hardware is dumb and software tells it how to function. When HW is not working like it should, it is usually corrupted SW. Reloading the SW fixes 99% of issues, and it is HW less than 1% of the time. With Bogart for Windows it is a non-destructive install, so just double click the latest Bogart Windows install file. This file has all the latest versions from Bogart 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11. Go into the Install Product menu and activate the version you have a license for.  Same for Bogart Linux, except with it you can also do a destructive install if you have a pesky problem that won’t go away with updates.


Thank you for your continued support! Let us make 2020 a great start to a new decade!!

Gary McNally

MacroSystem Americas LLC  



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