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April 5, 2019
All Bogart Software up to 50% OFF until April 26, 20191


MacroSystem Easter Apps Hunt Sale (Bogart OS & all Apps up to 50% OFF)!

Until the 26th April all MacroSystem Bogart software for the Standalones and for Windows is discounted up to 50% OFF.  There are 3 offers and each offer gets better, so you may want to start with the Best offer 3, and if you do not qualify, move to Offer 2, etc. Please contact your dealer to order, as they know how to get the best deal and are fulltime editors who can ask what productions you do and make suggestions. These discounts apply to any of the 100 or so Bogart apps (including the Bogart 11 OS or Arabesk 7), Bogart v11 owners see Option 3, it may be your best deal!

You cannot combine bundles, previous discount offers, or second license discounts. From now until April 26, 2019 App discounts are valid for one machine serial number at one time, but if you have more than one machine, you can get up to 50% off Apps on each serial number. When you place an order do so "all at once" as the MacroSystem License Server will only issue the discount if all the products are licensed at the same time. Buying further software for the same machine later, cannot add to or accumulate the multiple discount(s). You can do another qualifying deal on the same machine before the sale ends, but it would much cheaper all at once.

Click here for dealer with best price and knows the SW like their first born!

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Click here for Bogart and all his App video demonstrations:

Click these pages for most answers, and dealers know the rest!

Good offer 1:

There is a 10% discount on a single software item. So, buy any piece of software and receive 10% off. For three or more software products bought at the same time, there is a 20% discountOffer 1 applies to any Bogart software (including the Bogart OS, Arabesk, and all apps), Bogart v11 users see Option 3 below. The discounts are better below, but not all SW Titles qualify. If you don’t have Bogart 11, Arabesk 7, and Aspector; I would get 20% OFF on at least those three. But add any other Bogart SW apps at the same time and get 20% off them all! Or if you want some of our latest and greatest 13 Bogart add-ons, buy Bogart 11 here, and then use it to get the best Loyalty offer ever. If you are new to Bogart 11 Gold on Windows, you could get Bogart Windows 11 Gold with Arabesk 7 for $343 (normally $428).

Better offer 2:

Get 50% off if you choose five or more products from this list: 3DShapes, Aspector, ChromIt, DeShaker, FX Pack 9 Multicolor, HD-Backup Sentry, MX-Creator, PiP-Studio 3, QuadCam 2, Spice Creator, Time-X, Title-Effect Pack 1, oVertigo Titler! 1 product from this list = 10% discount, 2 products from this list = 20% discount, 3 products from this list = 30% discount, 4 products from this list = 40% discount, and 5 or more from this_list=50%discount!!

Best offer 3 (Loyalty):

Owners of a machine with an active Bogart v11 OS software receive a special loyalty offer good on all the rest of the software. So, if you have licensed the Bogart 11 software on your system at the time of the additional software purchase, you will receive a 20% discount right from the first product, therefore if you buy 4 or more the 50% discount applies on Offer 3 only! 1 product for Bogart 11 owners = 20% discount2 products for Bogart 11 owners = 30% discount3 products for Bogart 11 owners = 40% discountand 4 or more products for Bogart 11 owners = 50% discount!  If you come back later to buy more you will need to buy at least 4 SW Titles to get the 50%.

Happy Easter App Hunting!

Gary McNally

MacroSystem Americas LLC



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