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March 19, 2022
Huge Spring Sale

Happy Spring Cassie Cultists,

We hope you have all survived the LaNina Winter on steroids! It has been very challenging in the Pacific Northwest. November set an all-time record of 16 inches of rain. The mountains had a good snowpack, and the rain melted it all. It flooded all the rivers, and we were declared a Federal Disaster Area. Some towns still have over 50% uninhabited homes after 4 months. There were not enough contractors to repair all the damage. Not only did we flood twice, but our 50-year-old roof failed. We are still trying to get somebody to do the new roof, and it won’t stop raining.  Hopefully Spring brings some moderation to these atmospheric rivers, but LaNina persists.

We need to pay for a new roof, so we are giving away the store until April 29, 2022. Buy any Casablanca 4 TV Studio or Portable TV Studio before May and receive up to 4 add-on Software Titles of your choice FREE! On the Portable TV Studios there are 3 models: the TV Studio which receives 2 free Add-ons of choice, the TV Studio Pro gets any 3 Add-ons free, and the TV Studio Pro 4K gets any 4 Add-ons. On the TV Studios there are 3 models: the TV Studio which receives 2 free Add-ons of choice, the TV Studio Pro gets any 3 Add-ons free, and the TV Studio Pro 4K gets any 4 Add-ons. If you want more Add-ons, they would be 50% OFF if purchased at the same time as the Casablanca 4 System.

Our systems already come with Bogart 13 Gold, (Arabesk 8 if the system has a burner), Bonus FX, Fonts Packs 1 to 4, and Windows Pro Pack. The 10th & 11th Generation Intel processors we use in all of our systems combine with Bogart 13 and Windows Pro Pack to double your import and export speeds.



If you already have one of our systems with Bogart 13 Gold, or on your own PC, you qualify for huge Add-On Software discounts!  Buy 1 SW Title and get 20% OFF, buy 2 for 30% OFF, buy 3 for 40% OFF, or buy 4 for 50% OFF. Or buy any number over 4 at the same time and receive 50% OFF all of them. If you don’t have Bogart 13, you should get it. The upgrade from Bogart 12 is only $165, and if you are coming from Bogart 11 or earlier it is only $249. Germany no longer develops Bogart 11 or earlier, so you are missing many things:


If you don’t have Bogart 13 you can still get 50% OFF all of the Add-ons, but you have to buy at least 5 Add-on SW Titles at the same time. Or you could buy Bogart 13 for either $165 or $249 and get 50% OFF Add-on SW Titles with only 4 or more at the same time.

If you don’t have Bogart 13, and  just need one or two Add-on SW Titles, just one is 10% OFF. If you want 2 at the same time, they are both 20% OFF. As always, you can not take discounts on already discounted bundles, or 2nd machine discounted  licenses.

Here are some of our favorite Add-on Software Titles:


Many thanks to Joel Brooks for his exceptional Promo Videos! Joel was a video Editor and Shooter for the NBC affiliate in Dallas and spent over 20 years there reaching the pinnacle of creative video editing success. Now he is one of our top Casablanca Video Expert Resellers.  Joel also does Weddings and if you scroll down to the bottom of the Product Videos, you will see 4 videos about how he does them on Bogart Casablanca.  Also, everyone should watch his creative video editing techniques:


Hopefully the Pandemic is over, and our remaining Casablanca Expert Video Resellers can get back to 2019 sales levels. They all have thousands of Casablanca Video Editing hours over the decades and are a great resource for our loyal Cassie Cultists. If you do not already have a Casablanca Video Editing Expert Reseller, here is a list:



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