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July 24, 2012
New Software Available!

We're happy to announce the following new software titles:

Slivers - This hot new product has been popular with the MacroSystem testing team.  We think you'll love it.   Slivers is a fresh product that gives you a new way to mix video clips.  It's like a mix of a Split Screen effect and a spin on PIP Studio, different from anything we've seen before on our Casablanca.  Click HERE for full details.

Moving TitleBax - The popular lower third titling effects from the software product TitleBaX has now been expanded with animation capability in the new Moving TitleBaX product from MacroSystem.  This software consists of 50 moving  graphics.  Click HERE for full details.

3D Edit - This is a release of the 3D software product that can now be used on Bogart operating systems.    This allows you to use different types of 3D effects when used with footage shot specifically with 3D camera methods in mind.   Click HERE for full details.


Current software discs can be downloaded HERE.


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