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July 2, 2019
We have released a very creative 3D World tool that is easy, fun, and only $99


July 2, 2019
We are sorry to have to announce that Carroll Lam has retired after 34 years!

This is what Carroll Lam emailed to his Cassie Cult:

Four score and seven years ago.”  Well, actually, it has only been one score and one year ago that I became a Casablanca dealer.  What a ride!  Four generations of Cassies that revolutionized non-linear video editing for the everyday videographer.  I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with thousands of Cassie users during that time.  Early Cassie users were so loyal to their machines that they were referred to as “that damn Casablanca cult”.  That loyalty continues to today.
We, of course, have Eric Kloor and Jorg Sprave to thank for conceiving and delivering the original Cassie that started this revolution.  Fortunately, as they faded away as leaders of revolution, others such as Gary McNally and Chet Davis have stepped up to keep the technology progressing. 
With all that said, the time has come for me retire from my dealership.  A series of medical problems over the past year have made it impossible for me to give my customers the support they need.  Therefore, I will be terminating my dealership at the end of this month.  There is a host of fine dealers listed on the www.macrosystem.us website that can serve your continuing needs.  
God Bless,
Carroll Lam



Thank you for your marvelous service Carroll!

If we come to Tucson for a Casablanca Road Show this winter, would you be up for proper goodbyes from that darn Casablanca Cult?
God Bless You,
Gary McNally


July 2, 2019
Have a wonderful celebration of our Independence!
We are going to be closed for the holiday from Wednesday July 2 thru Wednesday July 10. We will mostly be in the Wilderness and off the grid, so we will answer email and phone calls when we return on the 11th.  Depending on volume this could take a few days. We will answer in the order received but sending all the info we need saves a ton of time. If a sales question, call your dealer. If you are having trouble with our systems over 11 years old, then best to call your dealer, as there are no parts. We now have software only solutions starting at $99. If you are having trouble with your Casablanca usually reloading the software will solve the problem. Here is what we need if you do need to contact us for service on a machine from this decade:
  • Name
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Cassie Model
  • Serial Number
  • Bogart Version
  • Camera Make and Model
  • Format you are shooting in
  • What is your problem
If you still require service please gather the information above and call (360) 371-2103 to leave the info in a message, or if it is easier to leave in an email:  bogartsupport@macrosystem.us


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