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June 22, 2020
Germany extended Spring Sale to June 30!

Hello Loyal Casablanca Users,

·         I hope this E-newsletter finds you in good health, as we are here. If not, please let us know and the Cassie Community will do what we can to help.  Here is hoping that we can return to normalcy real soon and avoid another 100,000 deaths in America next Memorial Day!

·         With all the free time that quarantines bring, video editors are trying to do unfinished video editing projects. We have noticed an uptick in calls, emails, and sales even before the Spring Sale. Germany has extended the Spring Sale until the end of June even though it is now Summer.

·         In the past to get 50% off SW you needed to buy 5 SW Titles at one time, but with this deal you only need to buy 1. All Bogart 11 for Windows (Gen 4), standalone Bogart 11 Linux (Gen 3) Operating Systems, and even Smart Edit (Gen 2) sales are 50% off until Tuesday, June 30. All the following operating system add-ons are 50% off as well:  Arabesk 7 or 8, HD backup Sentry, Store`n`Share, Disk Juggler, Power-Key, Gold, Silver, and WinProPak.

·         Also, all the other add-on SW programs are on sale for 25% off (everything on the price list), and you get 25% off one single program every time you buy until June 30.

·         All our Casablanca 4 turnkey systems come with up to 7 free SW Titles of choice, besides the hundreds of dollars’ worth of SW that comes with each model.

·         Our Video Expert Resellers (VERs) are ready, willing, and able to get you into the right gear and Software for the formats you shoot and deliver in:

·         http://www.macrosystem.us/Video_Expert_Resellers.php

·         Here are the prices

·         Here are dozens of product videos

·         If you have a fast PC from the last 18 months you can download and install our free Bogart 11 for Windows Operating System.


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