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February 10, 2017
Bogart 8 Gold for Windows and Linux (20% OFF until March 31, 2017)


We are having a short Introductory Sale on Bogart 8 for Windows and the Linux Operating Systems (standalones). The Bogart 8 Windows and Linux Sale is on now through March 31, 2017. Upgrades to Bogart Gold and Silver from Silver and Bronze, are also part of the Sale.  All Sales are through our dealers: 


Before April 1, 2017  you can take 20% off of regular pricing:

Bogart 8 Gold for Windows & Linux full version $299 ($239 SALE)!

Bogart 8 Gold for Windows & Linux upg from  Bog7 Gold $149 ($119 SALE)!

Current Price List: http://www.macrosystem.info/pricelists/CurrentRetail.pdf



February 3, 2017
Happy New Year!


Hello Cassie Cultists,

Happy New Year to you all! We wish you all the best in 2107 and beyond!!

What a year it promises to be for MacroSystem. Not only do we have many new software offerings, but many new hardware offerings as well.

Joining our four existing Casablanca 4 Models are four new Casablanca 4 Models: The Casablanca 4 Saphir, Meteor Pro, Meteor, and Travel Pro. Here is the new Price List! We now hit 6 key price points, with a $3300 difference from top to bottom: $2199, 2499, 2999 (2), 3499, 4499, and $5499.

If you are a hobbyist, and only work in Standard Def, the entry level models are all that you need. If you are a professional working primarily in HD with many clients, you would want one of our top 4 models. They render HD so much faster, you can at least cut your project times in half, and make twice as much, or have more time off.

Another option would be getting two entry level units with the Disk Juggler add-on software. As the name implies, this software allows swapping unlimited external USB hard drives between your Casablanca 4 PC’s. It is very similar to Store n Share on the Bogart Linux system.

So, you would want 2 systems with the same software set. Our workflow is to edit the project on one unit, and then move the external drive to the Studio render unit for Disc authoring or File Exports. While it renders we can go back to the edit machine and do another job on another hard drive, and repeat the process.

Our software will run on any robust PC or Mac from this decade, but our software was specifically written for our turnkey Casablanca 4’s, and is ready to edit right out of the box. If you are a computer expert, you can spend days setting your own computer up with our software, and come pretty close to our performance, but anyone else should not attempt it. Too many have failed since the beginning of Bogart for Windows in the Fall of 2014.

For the next 2 months, we are having the best sale we have ever had. Both hardware and software is on sale. If you missed the Bogart 8 for Windows and Standalone Sale at the end of last year, you can save 20% off Bogart 8 through your dealer until March 31. If you do not have a dealer, here is the list: http://www.macrosystem.us/Value_Added_Resellers.php

On the hardware side, we have 6 of 7 models in stock, all but the new Casablanca 4 Travel Pro, which is coming sometime in February. It has the Intel i7 Skylake 6700HQ processor and two HDMI graphic outputs: NVIDIA GeForce GTX965M (1080p60), and Intel HD 530 graphics. We are taking pre-orders for it now (no charge until shipping). Place the pre-order through your dealer here.

All 8 Casablanca 4 Models now come with at least this software package: Bogart 8 Gold Edition, Arabesk 7, Fonts Packs 1 to 4, and Windows 10 Pro. The higher end models come with more software. New this month is a pick any 10 software add-ons bundle for $1000 on all Casablanca 4’s. This bundle began with the Ultra months ago, and the 38 SW Titles that you can pick from is on the 2nd page of the Winter Sale offering here.

The software developers have been really busy. We now have many new software add-ons, and have made a number of video demos. You can view them here.

In closing, all our Casablanca 4 models come with the Casablanca Expert’s 7 hours of online tutorials on Bogart 7 and 8, and Arabesk. This is a $76 value that we give away so your new equipment purchase experience will be a good one. A few people have not seen the email from Chet Davis, which has the training link. It is designed to be watched before your machine arrives, so if you do not get an email from Chet within 3 working days of your order, please contact your dealer.

Speaking of your dealer, they also have a link to the Casablanca Virtual Conference, which Chet and I hosted on November 5th. There were experts from all over the globe on it, and it went on all day. Chet has split it up into segments so you can zero in on the info you need. It was great to hear from our founder Jorg Sprave, who is now a You Tube star with over 25 million views, talk about the monetization streams. His presentation on 360 degree cameras and Virtual Reality was informative too. Ken Smithers (drones), Lou Bruno (4K), Michael Hubmer (Bogart), and of course Chet, hit it out of the park as well.

Thanks, and Quick Happy Edits!

Gary McNally

MacroSystem Americas




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