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April 26, 2017
Spring Sale and New Products

Hello Cassienauts,

Sorry for the delay in writing, but we have been busy at MacroSystem getting some great products ready for market. We now have a very powerful laptop called the Casablanca 4 Travel Pro. It boasts the very fast Intel i-7 6700HQ Skylake processor, and the Nvidia 965M GPU, which will speed up edits too. When on the road, you can plug the HDMI output into the hotels HDTV and edit on a large screen if the 17.3-inch Travel Pro display is not large enough.

The laptops used to have to go to Germany for service, but now we service everything in the US. Only 1 of over 200 Casablanca 4’s we sold ever required service, so it was never an issue anyway.

It has almost been 2 years since we first introduced our PC based Casablanca 4 line, and it has been a tremendous success. Not only are they the most reliable systems ever produced by MacroSystem, they are way faster! The final Generation 3 Karat model used to be the fastest, but now we are seeing up to a 50% improvement in edit time on Gen 4.

Weddings edits that took most people 16 hours on the Karat, are now doable in an 8-hour day. So, you can either double your earnings, or double your time off; with our $2999 or higher models. The lower priced models would be faster than the Karat by about 25%.

Most computers do not have video cards to capture the old formats like composite video, and S-video. We now have a plug and play USB capture device with software, that adds this convenience for $149. It also is included free with purchase of our Travel Pro during our Spring Sale, which ends June 19:


All of our systems are on sale at the link above. Some models have nearly $2000 in savings when you count the $500 discount, the trade-in value discount (if applicable), and the pick any 2 pieces of free add-on software. For instance, selecting Quad Cam 2 ($399) and Elastic Dreams ($249) would be a savings of $648. We even have a pick any 10 add-on software titles bundle for $999.

We have also been busy making many sales and training videos. In fact, there are 5 videos on how to do a quick wedding edit!  You can watch them all here:  http://www.macrosystem.us/Product_Videos.php

All our Casablanca 4 Systems include 8 hours of the Casablanca Expert’s online classes for free. We also throw this in on a Bogart 8 Gold software only purchase too. It is a great resource, which insures your success. Bogart on Windows does so much more than it did on the Linux Operating System. Many people ASSUME if they can operate a generation 3 machine, they can operate a Gen 4, but they are really missing out on all the new features, advantages, and benefits of the greatest editing system on the planet. Chet did a fantastic job of organizing the 45 classes by each button in the Bogart and Arabesk software menus. That way you can quickly get your how-to info, and get back to work.

All of our products are available exclusively from our Value Added Resellers. Many have been VARs for nearly 20 years, and use our products daily to make their own productions. Their accumulated knowledge about our software and video production is vast, and if they do not know an answer, they can quickly get it from us.   http://www.macrosystem.us/Value_Added_Resellers.php

One of our great value added resellers has a very good deal for you. But there is only one, so first come first served. One of their customers just bought a brand-new Casablanca 4 Studio with a lot of extra SW and HW. They only had it for the weekend, and then something came up and they needed their money back. We set it up ourselves and thoroughly tested it, so it will have a full 1-year factory warranty from us, and you will save over $700. For all the details call or email: Interactive Learning Systems, Nancy Anderson, nancy@ilsvideo.com, or 800-221-6322.


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