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March 12, 2015
MacroSystem March Madness Sale!

The MacroSystem March Madness Sale is ON until we run out of inventory. (WE ARE NOW OUT OF KARATS AND THE SALE IS OVER)

If you are a professional videographer who works fulltime for a living, this is the deal for you. If you are in that highly competitive wedding and event market, this deal is an absolute necessity. Wedding prices are so discounted, you need to do them faster than your competitor to survive.

We have customers that can do a whole standard definition wedding edit in one day. Our poor friends using Final Cut Pro can only do one, while we do 3 or 4. For high definition, times are longer for all systems, but the time ratio advantage remains the same with our Render Booster.

So while inventories last, get a free $429 Render Booster, 3 Bogart 6 and Arabesk 6 Training DVD’s from Chet Davis’ Casablanca Expert, and $500 worth of extra software of your choice when you buy our fastest and most creative editing system ever.

Call your dealer and ask for the March Madness MacroSystem Karat Workstation Pro Deal! If you do not have a dealer, here is our dealer list and additional info:





March 10, 2015
We are accepting applications for new Beta Testers in March 2015

The Macrosystem Americas Beta Team is looking for more testers. The ideal candidate will have a Bogart system made this decade, as well as a fast PC running Windows 7 or 8 from this decade. We are looking for 3 to 5 hours per week of your time testing all the new software in the development pipeline, and reporting the results. We provide the software in exchange for your testing time. If you are interested please email bogartsupport@macrosystem.us. We will reply back with the application.


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