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June 15, 2021
Add-on Software Sale over 70% OFF!

Happy Father’s Day Cassie Cultists!

Boy, do we have a treat for you. All Add-On Software is up to 71% OFF until the end of June!! The more expensive SW Titles have the largest discount. For instance, Quad Cam 3 is $299, PIP Studio 4 is $249, and Time-X is $229. Normally these 3 SW Titles would be $777, but until the end of June buy any 3 Add-On SW Titles for $225. That is 71% off! We have never had a sale anywhere close to these discounts. If I am still breathing, we never will again. You can not combine discounts, like upgrade or bundle discounts.

The Father’s Day offer is good on either the Casablanca 3 Linux or Casablanca 4 Windows Bogart Add-ons. It does not include the Bogart Operating System.

While we are giving away the store we might as well go big. You can buy as many pick any 3 Add-on Software Titles as you like until June 30. Or even get larger discounts by buying 5 or 10 pick any Add-on SW Titles: $325 for 5, or $599 for 10! Buy as many of these as you like too.

Click here for a link to Joel Brook’s Casablanca Bogart Add-On software video demos.

Speaking of Joel, tragically he lost his Father and Sister about a month ago. They had just left church and were on the freeway going home when a drunk driver rear ended them. The drunk was going so fast, it lifted his Dad’s car up in the air and flipped it over. It caught on fire, and they did not get out alive.

Except for his wife and Cassie Family, he has no family left.  If you can, please call or write him:Joel Brooks, (817) 771-8347, 117 Kinbrook Ln., Weatherford, TX 76087,

jbrooks@mitvideoproductions.com  If you need any SW, please send some love to Joel!

We will be closed from July 1 to 7 to Celebrate our Independence Holiday. Have a great one and thank you for your continued support!

Gary McNally


(360) 371-2103


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