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September 20, 2010
New Software Releases!

We are happy to announce the following software releases:

Deluxe Titler 3D 2.0 (Bogart)
This 3rd party product from the company TV-Paint from France has now been modified to operate on the Bogart SE!  This Deluxe Titler 3D upgrade now includes some new design possibilities.  Texts can be provided with different shadow types.  There is also a new environment button which offers several changes the surface details with some amazing mirror or glossy textures.  As most of the program controls are similar to the original Deluxe Titler 3D for SE, the original manual on can still be referenced for general operation.   This product can also be viewed in a demo mode prior to purchase.

Click Here for complete details.

Columbus 3 Objects(Sights) of Interest, Columbus 3 Airlines and Airplanes
New expansion packs for Bogart SE and Columbus 3 are now available!  These various programs contain objects and sights of interest in different cities and countries.  There is also software that is all airlines and airplanes.  These products have numerous choices and can be used along with the Columbus 3 program as key or head objects. All packages can be installed and viewed in a demo mode within the Columbus 3 menus.

Click Here for complete details.

New discs for all products can be downloaded here .


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