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July 28, 2014
The Grand Bargain II

The Grand Bargain in April was so popular with customers and dealers, why redesign the wheel.  So while supplies last, buy a new high end MacroSystem Karat Edit System at the regular price of $3999, and receive the essential $429 Render Booster FREE! And trade-in any Bogart model for as much as $1500, and get your software codes transferred for free.  

It took us 3 months to top this, but the Grand Bargain II adds even more! It also includes a free upgrade to the new Bogart 6 Operating System when it releases in the fall. And within 30-days of receiving your new Karat you can buy any software you forgot during the original sale for 25% off.




Trade in value is listed on the second page of the price list above. Please call your dealer for more info and to purchase the Grand Bargain II:


Quantities are limited, so hurry! 


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