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January 8, 2009
MacroSystem US Welcomes back Eric Kloor

MacroSystem US is pleased to announce the return of the founder of the company. After a seven-year sabbatical, Eric Kloor is excited to be back at the helm of MacroSystem US. In terms of his biggest accomplishment, Eric pitched a shutout and hit an inside-the-park home run to lead his pee wee Dolby Red Sox to the city championship in Lake Charles, LA when he was nine. Since that pinnacle his life has been a slow, inexorable, crumbling slide. Although he had created successful businesses, enjoys fantastic relationships, is fathering the two most amazing children imaginable, travels the world extensively, and enjoys sports like sand volleyball, triathlons, cycling, and hiking. He has yet to recreate the thrill of a city baseball championship. He aspires to someday realize what he wants to be should he ever grow up.


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