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December 24, 2020
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (Bogart 12 release mid January)

Season Greetings Cassie Cultists!

Bogart 12 for Windows, the Mac, and the Standalones came too late to release in the Americas this year. So, it will release in mid-January for 24% Off. Add-ons will also be 24% off if you buy Bogart 12 at the same time.

Yes, Germany released it, but I would not download it from their website. Bogart 12 will not run without a license, so you would be stuck without an editor until the US Beta Team finishes their testing. If you have computer skills, you can theoretically uninstall Bogart 12, and install the old Bogart 11, but why risk losing your projects and time.

But Bogart 12 is worth the wait and is the best editor the developers have ever produced. I guess we have the quarantines to thank for that. I know our loyal customers were pulling their old systems out of storage for something to do during this awful year, and finally editing family vacation video from years past.

Here is to a vastly improved 2021!

Gary McNally


MacroSystem Americas LLC

PS: we will reopen January 4 with a thin crew.


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