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August 19, 2015
Bogart for Windows 10 passed testing in Europe today

But once in a while we find a bug in the NTSC components, which don't get much testing in PAL land. So if you have months into a masterpiece, it may be safer to wait until our testers give the go ahead. For sure always back up your projects before an OS upgrade.

August 16, 2015
Casablanca Expert Webinar from 8/15/15 with guest Gary McNally

We were a guest on Chet's Webinar about the new Casablanca 4 Models (8/15/15 ). We also talked about the Software only solutions, and the trouble most people are having activating the hardware acceleration, which turns on Smart Booster Technology. We are trying to figure it out, but at this time we do not recommend the SW only solution if you want to do 2K or 4K quickly. Of course the new models all come with Smart Booster active right out of the Box, if you need something today. Here is the Casablanca Expert's Webinar: 


August 11, 2015
Casablanca Expert webinar this Saturday!



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