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July 24, 2013
Arabesk 6 Released!

We're happy to announce the release of Arabesk 6.  6.0a will be the release version.  Arabesk 6 will require Bogart 5.5c which is also now available.  (see below)

Arabesk 6 pricing is s follows:

Upgrade from Arabesk 5 - Retail $99.  Full version from Arabesk 4 - Retail $159

Some new features include:

The complete modernization of the user interface.

Moving main and chapter menu backgrounds for Blu-rays.

Arabesk 6 now supports two drives.

You now also have the option to export a completed disk as an "ISO" file.

For complete details and to download the Manual and Release Notes please click here.  Download the new Add on Software disc here.


Bogart 5.5c is now available.  This update is required to run the new Arabesk 6 software.

Software and Release Notes can be downloaded here.


July 24, 2013
Software Updates
Along with Arabesk 6, the new Add On Software DVD includes several updates for other add on pieces of software.  These include:

1. BlueBoxWorld 1.1a - An install script has changed that allows the version to be deleted completely from the Install Product list.  This version is needed if you have a problem and have to reinstall BB World.

2. Deluxe Titler 3d V 2.0c - New or first installation of the prior 3D Titler did not set a mirror on the characters as a default.  Having the mirror makes it easier to see the rendered default title.  Archive paths added. When you save the Bogart archives, the archives of Titler archives will be saved too.

3. Deshaker V 1.0a - Different languages updated (french, czech, swedish, italian)

4 & 5. Motion 3d XL 1+2 V 1.0a - Archive paths added. When you save the Bogart archives, the archives of Motion 3D XL will be saved too.

6. Pro Club 2011 V 1.1 - This version will work with Bogart 5.  The prior version will not function.

7. SplitX Wedding HD 1.3 - This version fixes a bug where images didn't show up in the pattern operator and fixes a problem with image transparencies.

8.  Effect Jingles Traffic and Technology V1.1 - This fixes some samples that weren't creating or previewing with or Bogart 5 with the prior version.
9. Quadcam 1.4 - Improved use with HD footage on Bogart 4.3c or higher.  On Bogart 5, Shuttle TT is supported and now can work on Quadcam 1.4 as well.

July 24, 2013
Karat and Topaz shipping
On Thursday we will begin shipping the new Karat and Topaz editors.

We hope to have all backorders filled by month end.

July 1, 2013
Bogart for Windows

MacroSystem is excited to announce Bogart for Windows. 

The Casablanca – the video editor of choice for thousands of editors around the world – will be available in a PC software version.  The new Windows software requires Windows Vista, Win 7 or Win 8.  Windows Bogart can be operated on notebooks, netbooks and even on the new Win8 tablets.

CLICK HERE for more information.


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