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October 28, 2011
Bogart OS Update!
Bogart 4.1g

This new OS update is now available for all S-Series editors. This update fixes the following:

-BlueBox World and Candy Factory will work with Bogart 4 again.
-Improvements to the quality on analog video recordings into the S3000 and S6000 models.
-Using the pause button in HDMI display will no longer show a paused frame in reduced color.
-Using the pause button in SCART and DVI display will no longer just show a gray screen.
-Improved operation of some effects (e.g.: Columbus Rectangle, Tunnel 2, Motion 3D XL 1 & 2, Magic Lights, Title Effect packs 2 and 3) on some Bogart SE Casablanca models.
-Fixes to the analog record mode to reduce crashes after multiple record-stop captures.
-In Media Manager, audio sample editing will no longer cause crashes.
-Other small fixes and patches.

You can download the installation disc and complete release notes here.

October 28, 2011
New Software Releases
Akaba New Concept/Akaba HD

We are happy to announce 2 new versions of Akaba New Concept for the Bogart OS.

Akaba New Concept v1.4 is a free version for anyone who traded in a prior SmartEdit machine with the Akaba New Concept licensed to it. In this case, you should already have a code on your code sheet for it (probably highlighted). All you need is a current Add On Software CD with this latest version. Please note that this version only works in SD projects, any HD renders will have "demo" across them. This version also does not support dual monitors.

Akaba HD v2.0 is an upgraded version that supports HD projects and dual monitors. The pricing for this product is as follows:

Upgrade for Akaba New Concept owners -  $99.00.
New Akaba HD purchases - $249.00.

You can download the latest Bogart Add On's disc here.


Galileo is a backup software program for the Media Manager. It will allow you to backup and restore your films, music, and photos to an external device. Galileo will now be included as part of the HD Backup Bogart software, it will come as a separate code but the price will remain the same.

If you already own HD Backup Bogart, simply email sales@macrosystem.us with your serial number, and we will send you the unlock code for Galileo.

You can download a manual for Galileo here.

October 7, 2011
Smart Edit Finale
As of the fourth quarter, MacroSystem AG in Germany, will no longer support or sell any of the Smart Edit products.  Because of this we will soon discontinue selling Smart Edit software.  Our support, however, will continue for these products.

This is for machines running Smart Edit software, including the Avio, Kron, Claro, Solitare, Renommee, Gymnos, and Prestige machines.  

Because of this change, we are having one final huge software sale.  All Smart Edit software will be discounted by 55% at the retail level. This offer isn't to be combined with any other specials or discounts.

For this final sale, we're also going to offer the Complete Software Package (excludes OS and CB Paint) for $1599 retail.

This sale is from today until November 13th.

The annual fall software sale will begin shortly thereafter, and will be specifically for Bogart machines.


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