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May 20, 2018
Sale continued until May 30th!

Thank You Cassie Cultists!

Your response to our 50% off all software sale was so fantastic, we will continue it until May 30, 2018. We've added a bunch of Bogart 10 for Windows users this month and want to add even more so they can spread the good word about Bogart for Windows. Up to now it has been the world's best kept secret. But now that it is ready for prime time, it will grow fast with marketing, and your continued support.



The Casablanca 4 Turn-Key Systems with the new fast Intel i7-7700 processor are still on sale while quantities last. Save $500 on the Studio Pro Ultra, $400 on the Saphir2, and $200 on the Meteor Pro Ultra. Plus, trade-ins are accepted on these 3 models. There are only 2 of each model left on this sale, so hurry! http://www.macrosystem.us/

Contact your dealer for both of these limited time and quantity offers. If you do not have one, here is a list of Value Added Resellers: http://www.macrosystem.us/Value_Added_Resellers.php

This will be our last newsletter before the Memorial Holiday. If you have lost someone in service to our country, our thoughts and prayers will be with you and yours, who made the ultimate sacrifice!

Thank You!

MacroSystem Americas LLC



May 7, 2018
New Beta Testing Opportunity!


It's that time again! We are looking for a few good software beta testers!  This is a prestigious opportunity to be part of a great internal testing team, get sneak peeks at upcoming software before the public for free, and learn a whole lot of new things.  With the advancements of version 10 for Bogart SE and the Bogart 10 for Windows, we will continue to improve the operating systems and review upcoming Add On programs. 

We are looking for users that already own the Bogart Windows software. Owning both Bogart Windows and the Bogart SE that runs on the standalone models is preferred, but not required.  We are seeking someone who knows the Casablanca products well; owns a PC running Windows 7 Premium or higher; and who has lots of extra time to be an active tester.   We are most interested in those who have enough time to be able to test and report findings up to 3 times a week.

For inquires or to request our Tester Application Form, please contact me by email at justin@macrosystem.us. Or if you are registered to our Casablanca forum please send a PM to JustinPhilpott.  We will provide and accept applications up until 7/1/18 for this position.  After the application period, we'll interview the most qualified new candidates for the chance to join our testing team ranks. 




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