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March 27, 2013
A New Casablanca Company in Germany
Yesterday, the announcement was made.  As of April 1st, a new company - Macro Motion - will acquire the Casablanca business of MacroSystem from Loewe.  We've known of this exciting news for some time, but had to keep it under wraps.

As you may recall, Macrosystem AG was acquired by Loewe in late 2009 after a 2 year association between Macrosystem and Harman Kardon. Loewe has run into some fairly significant headwinds, so we wanted to make sure the future of the Casablanca was secure.  Macro Motion has been doing all the sales, support, and repairs for the Smart Edit product line for many years, and they are the most successful distributor for the Casablanca in Germany.

What's important is that the main software and hardware developers are still on board, and will continue to develop future versions of the Casablanca.  There is a significant stock of Karat and Topaz machines, which we will be able to access in the near future.  We have a limited supply of S-6000 units still in stock.

Jorg will continue at Loewe, and he will keep an eye on the development of the future hardware and software versions of the Casablanca.  The response of most German customers and dealers has been extremely positive.  There were concerns about being aligned with a company that was experiencing continued and growing losses.


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