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Technical Support

Phone Support

If your Casablanca is under warranty, there is no charge for equipment phone support. Out of warranty phone support is $100 per hour. You can reach our support staff by calling 360-371-4942. If we miss your call, please leave a message with the information requested below the support email addresses. We do our best to return all calls within 24 hours. We are here from 9:00 to 5:00 Pacific time, Monday-Friday. If you just need tutoring on how to operate our equipment, it is available by phone for $100 per hour, but there are many free options below.

Email Support

Technical Support is available by email for $15 per message. Only 1 issue per message. To obtain support via email, please send your message to one of the following:

SmartEditSupport@macrosystem.us (for Avio, Kron, Prestige, Solitaire, and Renommee users)
BogartSupport@macrosystem.us (for S-2000, S-3000 S-4000, S-4100, S-6000, Topaz, and Karat users)

Some of the above models are approaching 20 years old, and key new parts are no longer available for the units. IDE ATA Hard Drives have not been manufactured in years, and they are required for all the Smart Edit Systems. Since the Hard Drive is the brain of video edit systems, this is a major problem. All your software and video resides on the hard drive. Old drives always fail, and how many days or weeks of editing time will you lose when they fail? Used parts fail often, so we can only guarantee them for 30-days, and we can not insure your loss of projects.

The DVD burners for the Smart Edit Systems have not been made for 10 years, and new burners have not been made this decade, Sure you can find used, but it is a moving part too.

We could go on with other key parts that are only available used, but there is no reason to try and keep this old stuff running, since our software now runs on PC and Mac's from this decade, and starts at $89. Contact your dealer to download a free trial: http://www.macrosystem.us/Value_Added_Resellers.php

Plus we have 8 New Turnkey Models also available from our Dealer Network.

It is best to email your problem, but whether you write or call, be sure to include the following items in your message:

  • Your name, Credit Card number, and expiration date
  • Casablanca Model and Serial Number
  • System Software version
  • DVD Arabesk version (if applicable)
  • Version numbers of any other software that is relevant to your question
  • Monitor mode (single video, single VGA, or dual monitor mode)
  • Your specific question(s)?

Support Contracts

A Support Contract will provide you with phone and email support for $249 per year. If you are using our products at a school, be sure to ask about school pricing.

Free Support options

Our website features answers to some of the most frequently asked questions .

There are some other great options available for free support. Please check out the Casablanca Forum and the Cassie Tips List. Both offer fast and free answers to your Casablanca questions.

Your local Casablanca Dealer can also be a great source of information as well.

Other Support options


This subscription based website by Chet Davis is the largest collection of tutorials, tips and techniques anywhere that is solely dedicated to editing on a Casablanca. As a member of Chet's website you'll have unlimited access to more than 300 pages of 'how-tos' in the form of tutorials, tips and tricks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - along with more than 30 streaming online videos. All these resources are indexed by menu screen as well as software title for easy access.

Casablanca Expert Tutorial DVDs

Chet has also been producing instructional DVDs. His Casablanca Foolproof series is designed to assist the Casablanca customer fully understand the rich set of tools available to them. The first two tutorial sets are available now through us and can be ordered through your Casablanca dealer.

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