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November 5, 2019
Sad News!

 Sorry for the delay in writing, but 2019 has been a challenging year to say the least. We lost John Kenchenten, our favorite Canadian dealer May 18th, after years of fighting renal failure and diabetes: https://www.yatesmemorial.ca/notices/John-KENCHENTEN

 Then Carroll Lam, who was instrumental in nurturing the Casablanca in the US with his Cassie Tips List lost his long battle with myelodysplasia August 2, but not before completing three 20 to 25 year careers in his 83 year life: https://www.legacy.com/obituaries/tucson/obituary.aspx?pid=193602553

As you can tell by their obituaries and the comments, they were both incredible men who will be missed!

Our 23 year dealer Tommy Wells and his wife were in a bad accident last year and just got back to work in May, and Chuck Owen's wife was in a wreck, and caregiving has been his top priority.


The trade war has been a challenge too. It now takes 2 months to get a pallet load of equipment from Germany, and it could get worse. We just got our last pallet order of this year, and only have 4 units left from it, which are identified here : www.macrosystem.us

All of the new Casablanca 4 systems come with the new Arabesk 8, which does 4K Discs as well as Blu-ray, and DVD. In addition the more you spend the more software you get in the basic SW package, as well as the pick any 2 SW Titles for free, or pick any 3 SW titles for free on the high end systems. Click here for the details on each model here: www.macrosystem.us

Those who purchased a new Casablanca 4 system from the pallet we got in September, should have received a free license code for Arabesk 8. As soon as the US Beta Team releases it, you can launch Bogart 11, go to Settings, click System, then click the bottom button "search for update". This button connects to the German SW server and updates you to Bogart Windows 11.3 with Arabesk 8. They were released in Europe a week ago, but they are mostly hobbyists, so we recommend waiting until the US Beta Team releases it. We are mostly professionals in the US, so we really put it through much tougher tests.

Single unit air shipments take about 4 weeks now, so there is still time to get delivery before Christmas, but act really soon. Also we have some popular laptops and desktops which were lightly used for compatibility testing, and are now for sale at attractive prices, with a good set of software and a 6-month warranty.


We will be closed for the Holidays from December 19 to January 5, 2020. For System orders please order ASAP. For SW orders you should order by Friday the 13th of December! Speaking of Software, for every paid add-on SW title you order before Dec 14, get a free Casablanca Club pack of your choice: There are 6 years to choose from: 2013 to 2018. If you buy a Casablanca 4 System, get all  of the 6 Club packs for free.

Joel Brooks is making a show and tell video where he shows you his favorites.


July 2, 2019
We have released a very creative 3D World tool that is easy, fun, and only $99


July 2, 2019
We are sorry to have to announce that Carroll Lam has retired after 34 years!

This is what Carroll Lam emailed to his Cassie Cult:

Four score and seven years ago.”  Well, actually, it has only been one score and one year ago that I became a Casablanca dealer.  What a ride!  Four generations of Cassies that revolutionized non-linear video editing for the everyday videographer.  I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with thousands of Cassie users during that time.  Early Cassie users were so loyal to their machines that they were referred to as “that damn Casablanca cult”.  That loyalty continues to today.
We, of course, have Eric Kloor and Jorg Sprave to thank for conceiving and delivering the original Cassie that started this revolution.  Fortunately, as they faded away as leaders of revolution, others such as Gary McNally and Chet Davis have stepped up to keep the technology progressing. 
With all that said, the time has come for me retire from my dealership.  A series of medical problems over the past year have made it impossible for me to give my customers the support they need.  Therefore, I will be terminating my dealership at the end of this month.  There is a host of fine dealers listed on the www.macrosystem.us website that can serve your continuing needs.  
God Bless,
Carroll Lam



Thank you for your marvelous service Carroll!

If we come to Tucson for a Casablanca Road Show this winter, would you be up for proper goodbyes from that darn Casablanca Cult?
God Bless You,
Gary McNally


July 2, 2019
Have a wonderful celebration of our Independence!
We are going to be closed for the holiday from Wednesday July 2 thru Wednesday July 10. We will mostly be in the Wilderness and off the grid, so we will answer email and phone calls when we return on the 11th.  Depending on volume this could take a few days. We will answer in the order received but sending all the info we need saves a ton of time. If a sales question, call your dealer. If you are having trouble with our systems over 11 years old, then best to call your dealer, as there are no parts. We now have software only solutions starting at $99. If you are having trouble with your Casablanca usually reloading the software will solve the problem. Here is what we need if you do need to contact us for service on a machine from this decade:
  • Name
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Cassie Model
  • Serial Number
  • Bogart Version
  • Camera Make and Model
  • Format you are shooting in
  • What is your problem
If you still require service please gather the information above and call (360) 371-2103 to leave the info in a message, or if it is easier to leave in an email:  bogartsupport@macrosystem.us

April 5, 2019
All Bogart Software up to 50% OFF until April 26, 20191


MacroSystem Easter Apps Hunt Sale (Bogart OS & all Apps up to 50% OFF)!

Until the 26th April all MacroSystem Bogart software for the Standalones and for Windows is discounted up to 50% OFF.  There are 3 offers and each offer gets better, so you may want to start with the Best offer 3, and if you do not qualify, move to Offer 2, etc. Please contact your dealer to order, as they know how to get the best deal and are fulltime editors who can ask what productions you do and make suggestions. These discounts apply to any of the 100 or so Bogart apps (including the Bogart 11 OS or Arabesk 7), Bogart v11 owners see Option 3, it may be your best deal!

You cannot combine bundles, previous discount offers, or second license discounts. From now until April 26, 2019 App discounts are valid for one machine serial number at one time, but if you have more than one machine, you can get up to 50% off Apps on each serial number. When you place an order do so "all at once" as the MacroSystem License Server will only issue the discount if all the products are licensed at the same time. Buying further software for the same machine later, cannot add to or accumulate the multiple discount(s). You can do another qualifying deal on the same machine before the sale ends, but it would much cheaper all at once.

Click here for dealer with best price and knows the SW like their first born!

Click here for all the retail prices!

Click here for Bogart and all his App video demonstrations:

Click these pages for most answers, and dealers know the rest!

Good offer 1:

There is a 10% discount on a single software item. So, buy any piece of software and receive 10% off. For three or more software products bought at the same time, there is a 20% discountOffer 1 applies to any Bogart software (including the Bogart OS, Arabesk, and all apps), Bogart v11 users see Option 3 below. The discounts are better below, but not all SW Titles qualify. If you don’t have Bogart 11, Arabesk 7, and Aspector; I would get 20% OFF on at least those three. But add any other Bogart SW apps at the same time and get 20% off them all! Or if you want some of our latest and greatest 13 Bogart add-ons, buy Bogart 11 here, and then use it to get the best Loyalty offer ever. If you are new to Bogart 11 Gold on Windows, you could get Bogart Windows 11 Gold with Arabesk 7 for $343 (normally $428).

Better offer 2:

Get 50% off if you choose five or more products from this list: 3DShapes, Aspector, ChromIt, DeShaker, FX Pack 9 Multicolor, HD-Backup Sentry, MX-Creator, PiP-Studio 3, QuadCam 2, Spice Creator, Time-X, Title-Effect Pack 1, oVertigo Titler! 1 product from this list = 10% discount, 2 products from this list = 20% discount, 3 products from this list = 30% discount, 4 products from this list = 40% discount, and 5 or more from this_list=50%discount!!

Best offer 3 (Loyalty):

Owners of a machine with an active Bogart v11 OS software receive a special loyalty offer good on all the rest of the software. So, if you have licensed the Bogart 11 software on your system at the time of the additional software purchase, you will receive a 20% discount right from the first product, therefore if you buy 4 or more the 50% discount applies on Offer 3 only! 1 product for Bogart 11 owners = 20% discount2 products for Bogart 11 owners = 30% discount3 products for Bogart 11 owners = 40% discountand 4 or more products for Bogart 11 owners = 50% discount!  If you come back later to buy more you will need to buy at least 4 SW Titles to get the 50%.

Happy Easter App Hunting!

Gary McNally

MacroSystem Americas LLC


December 18, 2018
Bogart 11 Windows Release and the Casablanca Expert's webinar w/MacroSystem

 Click here for the Bogart 11 Windows release news and Webinar!

October 17, 2018
PiP Studio 3 released in the Americas!


September 21, 2018
Free updates and new software

We have new Bogart versions for Windows and the S-series Generation 3 Linux standalones:

Bogart for Windows 10.1a with Arabesk 7.4a

Bogart 10.1 for the Standalone S-series, Topaz, and Karat

August 28, 2018
$500 off high-end turnkey MacroSystem Casablanca 4 Editors w/2-free SW Titles

 $500 Off three Casablanca Editing Systems while supplies last!

May 20, 2018
Sale continued until May 30th!

Thank You Cassie Cultists!

Your response to our 50% off all software sale was so fantastic, we will continue it until May 30, 2018. We've added a bunch of Bogart 10 for Windows users this month and want to add even more so they can spread the good word about Bogart for Windows. Up to now it has been the world's best kept secret. But now that it is ready for prime time, it will grow fast with marketing, and your continued support.



The Casablanca 4 Turn-Key Systems with the new fast Intel i7-7700 processor are still on sale while quantities last. Save $500 on the Studio Pro Ultra, $400 on the Saphir2, and $200 on the Meteor Pro Ultra. Plus, trade-ins are accepted on these 3 models. There are only 2 of each model left on this sale, so hurry! http://www.macrosystem.us/

Contact your dealer for both of these limited time and quantity offers. If you do not have one, here is a list of Value Added Resellers: http://www.macrosystem.us/Value_Added_Resellers.php

This will be our last newsletter before the Memorial Holiday. If you have lost someone in service to our country, our thoughts and prayers will be with you and yours, who made the ultimate sacrifice!

Thank You!

MacroSystem Americas LLC



May 7, 2018
New Beta Testing Opportunity!


It's that time again! We are looking for a few good software beta testers!  This is a prestigious opportunity to be part of a great internal testing team, get sneak peeks at upcoming software before the public for free, and learn a whole lot of new things.  With the advancements of version 10 for Bogart SE and the Bogart 10 for Windows, we will continue to improve the operating systems and review upcoming Add On programs. 

We are looking for users that already own the Bogart Windows software. Owning both Bogart Windows and the Bogart SE that runs on the standalone models is preferred, but not required.  We are seeking someone who knows the Casablanca products well; owns a PC running Windows 7 Premium or higher; and who has lots of extra time to be an active tester.   We are most interested in those who have enough time to be able to test and report findings up to 3 times a week.

For inquires or to request our Tester Application Form, please contact me by email at justin@macrosystem.us. Or if you are registered to our Casablanca forum please send a PM to JustinPhilpott.  We will provide and accept applications up until 7/1/18 for this position.  After the application period, we'll interview the most qualified new candidates for the chance to join our testing team ranks. 



April 23, 2018
50% Off ALL SW - $200 to 500 Off Casablanca 4's


2018 has been a huge year for the Casablanca and Macrosystem Americas, LLC, and it only figures to get better. This year we have released Bogart 10 for Windows and Linux, Windows Pro Pack, Time-X, and we have a professional Picture in Picture program in development. We now have over 200 programs for Windows, Linux, and Smart Edit; and all of them are on sale for 50% off until May 17, 2018.

To get the 50% off you must spend at least $350 for at least $700 worth of retail software. In other words, add up all the software you want, and you only pay half price (if you pay at least $350). If you are just starting out with Bogart for Windows, we would recommend Bogart 10 Gold for Windows, Windows Pro Pack, Time-X, Arabesk 7, and Disk Juggler for $372.50 (normally $745).  And you can add as many titles as you want to this, and just pay 50% off retail pricing. We have never seen prices this low in our 17 years, so now would be the time to load up.

To qualify for the deal of the century:

1)      Complete the sale by May 17, 2018. Sorry, there are no exceptions!

2)      This offer cannot be combined with any other offers or bundles or deals.

3)      Pay at least $350 for at least $700 worth of Software. You are certainly welcome to pay $1000 for $2000 worth of SW, or even better $2K for $4K, etc., etc..

4)      You cannot mix serial numbers in the same transaction. You can do as many transactions as you want, but each one must be the same SN#, and over $350 to qualify.

5)      If you use the same serial later during the sale, you will need to pay at least $350 to qualify for the 50% off again. (This is a per transaction deal). Time is money!

Our hardware and software allow you to make 2 to 6 times more money than your competitor. Video edits can be done 2 to 6 times faster in Bogart, because all the repetitive tasks are located on the top level, and not buried deep in sub-menus.  Here is how to spend a little to make a lot:





Our Casablanca 4 turnkey video edit systems have a new high-end model called the Casablanca 4 Saphir 2. It boasts an Intel Kaby Lake i7-7700 processor, 2 Hard Drives: 240Gb Solid State Drive for fast boot-ups and operations, and a 6 TB Hard Drive for all your Video and Audio, 2 DVD/Blu-ray burners, and 32Gb of DDR4 Ram. And even better, it is on sale for $400 off, while quantities last. The Casablanca 4 Meteor Pro Ultra, and Studio Pro Ultra have been upgraded to the Intel Kaby Lake i7-7700 processor and are on sale for $200 and $500 OFF, respectively! These high-end units come with a pretty good set of software, so don¬ít buy something in the SW Sale you already get with them. Click the link below, and then select the models for a list of the included software:



All information and sales are through our Value Added Reseller network. They all edit daily on our gear and know it better than we do. If you do not have a VAR, you can pick from this list:



March 26, 2018
Happy Easter! We will be closed Friday!!

Greetings from Macrosystem!

We hope you have survived the winter and are ready to gear up for the upcoming summer video edit season.

We have been busy with many new software programs and new Casablanca 4 Bogart systems. Today we just released Bogart 10 for the standalone systems. Click here for info!

A couple of weeks ago we received a $50,000 shipment from Germany, so we are stocked up and ready to ship turnkey video edit systems that plug, play, and edit right out of the box. We load them up with training videos and include Chet’s Bogart 10 Bonanza classes free with purchase. Click here!

And of course, Bogart 10 for Windows released in February. It runs on Windows PC’s from this decade, and we have a fully functional demo program you can download and use for free. We know you will love it and want to unlock paid features starting at $89. This is the same easy to use GUI you are used to. It downloads and installs in a few minutes. For more info click here!

Happy Easter!

Gary McNally


March 26, 2018
Bogart 10 for the standalones released in the US!

We are ecstatic to release Bogart 10 for the standalones. All sales are through our Value Added Resellers, and more information is available here, and from our VAR’s. For more information click here!

February 11, 2018
Bogart 10 for Windows, and about a dozen new products release

Click here for all the information you need!


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