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The Casablanca Forum is an online Message Board or Bulletin Board for members of the Casablanca community... those fine folks who use the Casablanca line of digital video editors for any purpose - be it their hobby, passion, their part-time or full-time work (or any combination).

At the Casablanca Forum, the Forum is organized into separate categories with different folders. You can read the latest news from MacroSystem US about all things Casablanca, you can ask questions, share your own hardware and software tips and ideas, you can read about the upcoming Casablanca User Group and Training Events and there is even a section to share samples of your video work.

In addition to having input and thoughts from a variety of Casablanca enthusiasts - there are regularly folks visiting the Forum day and night and on weekends. This affords us all a unique opportunity to have access to a veritable pool of Casablanca experts amost 'round the clock!

You are welcome to visit the Forum at http://www.casablancaforum.us/ and read the posts but to pose a question, or answer someone else's post - you must register.  There is no fee, but you must complete a quick and easy registration process (this is to verify your identity and keep out the internet/computer bots and spammers).

To register - simply click the 'Register' link at the top right corner of the Forum.


We hope to see you online at the Casablanca Forum!

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