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Training & Tutorial Resources

Casablanca Foolproof Tutorials - Detailed tutorials on DVD by Chet Davis, the Casablanca Expert, to help you learn specific Casablanca software & operations.

Tips and Tricks - A 4 disc DVD series produced by Scott "Birdy" Vicek. These DVDs feature fun, informative, step-by-step editing tips & tricks Birdy uses to create many of the incredible effects used in our Casablanca commercials and videos.

Video Manuals - The Casablanca Video Manuals were developed and created by MacroSystem's production wizard Justin Philpott. Each provides an instructional walk through of several Casablanca software packages. Follow along these tutorials with Justin and other guests as they take you through each program's basics.

Movie Making Basics - In this special 2-DVD training series, veteran film-maker Austin Hughes walks our customers through suggestions and tips to help get the most from their video equipment.

Video Storytelling Principles - This DVD will become a great resource for those wanting to improve their video making skills.  It explains some of the principles that professionals use every day in the field; how to capture good news footage, simple 3 light set up, choosing a good tripod, green screen and much more.

Storytelling Tips DVD - On this 1-hour DVD, you'll visit with three independent professional TV cameramen/journalists who provide insight into the craft of storytelling through film and video.

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