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Ultimate Spice Box 2
This package offers a collection of 200 masks effects in HD quality.

To use these, the software comes with 5 transition effects and 3 long-term effects, which start in the appropriate parts of the program with the acronym USB2.  Depending on the effect, different settings are available to produce a wide variety of effects.

USB Splitters
Using one of the masks 200 with this effect, two scenes over a prolonged period are shown in parallel. There is also the possibility of the fading time, a stop position and the different movements to choose. Separately, the two scenes by an adjustable soft course.

USB color image divider
This effect is similar to the "USB image divider", instead of a soft aperture as separation between scenes may, however, a colored or patterned edge can be set.

USB color bezel
This effect is comparable to that contained in the delivery of Smart Edit simple "color bezel". The shape of the diaphragm is, however, determined by one of 200 masks. In addition, any colors or patterns selected, set a boundary blurring, and different movements can be set.
USB Color Wipe
Similar to "USB Wipe", but instead of a focus range, a color separation can be selected. You have the choice of an arbitrary monochromatic color or a pattern that can be taken freely from the system-wide offer.

USB Wipe
Wipe the classic, but in 200 different varieties. Additionally in the separation area between the two scenes can be selected, a variable focus.

USB Color
This effect is similar to "USB color bezel", only he does not act as a transition effect between two scenes, but is placed as a long-term effect on only one scene. Again, various color settings and movements are varied.

USB mask
A selected from the 200 possible mask is really in this effect as a mask for covering scene areas. For example, can be set differently shaped frame around the actual image or areas are highlighted for titling. Many options such as edge, color or pattern choice and different movements provide variety.

USB strip
Comparable with the possibilities of "USB Color Wipe" with this effect, a strip can be moved over the image. Its shape is in turn determined by the selection of a mask. Free color and pattern selection and an adjustable margin width create interesting effects. 

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System requirements:
Bogart v4 or higher


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