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Moving BorderX
Moving BorderX 1 is a new software product available for Casablanca which consists of 25 new moving images, and a matching long-term effect.  Most moving sequences are designed so that they create a frame around the image and leave the middle for moving video.  The subtle and striking movements of the animations are great to highlight certain video portions.

Moving BorderX 1 works in both in SD and HD projects and supports both 4:3 and 16:9.


MOV_BX_002_01_892e794791.jpg     MOV_BX_002_02_79a5ce2dcb.jpg                                                                                 

mov_bx_19_01_ed63c3868a.jpg     mov_bx_19_02_7d1f1931bf.jpg                                                                                 

mov_bx_23_01_2d517e64bf.jpg     mov_bx_23_02_fdbd8e30ed.jpg                                                                                 

mov_bx_25_01_a5ca294680.jpg     mov_bx_25_02_9da78e0254.jpg                                                                                

Software requirements:
Bogart 2.4c and higher

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