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MacroSystem's Casablanca Bogart 9 for Windows and Linux!

We are ecstatic to release these new operating systems to the public! You can even try Bogart 9 and Arabesk 7 for free on your own PC with the Windows demo version, even if you have Bogart 6, 7, or 8 installed. We highly recommend that you try it for free before purchasing it. This is to make sure that your computer works well with our software.  Our software was designed for all eight of our turn-key systems, which now ship with the new software, and work great! The video below shows the easy download and install process, as well as how to do an entire video project, including burning a disc with Arabesk 7:



Here is a link to the free Bogart 9 Windows demo software:


On a Mac you will need to first download and install the free Windows Emulator Program Bootcamp, and buy and install Microsoft Windows.

 Hopefully Bogart 9 and Arabesk 7 work on your PC or Mac as good as they do on our turn-key systems! 

Bogart 9 has many improvements since Bogart 8 (as you will see in the video below), but there was one addition since the video was made, that may be the most important. We have added the optional $149 USB Capture Hardware and Software, that now allows composite video and component video capture into Bogart 9 Gold for Windows. Those who still work with the old VHS, or S-VHS formats, are now covered in Bogart 9 for Windows, with the USB Capture Option:



If you want to purchase Bogart 9 for the first time, or upgrade from a previous version, you will need to download and install the link to the file below. It is the same process as in the top Bogart 9 Demo video, and just as easy. Once you install Bogart 9 and launch the program, go into the Settings Menu, and you will see your individual serial number in the lower left hand corner of the screen. Please write this down, and call or email your dealer to pay for the unlock code number:


Click here to download Bogart 9 for Windows or Mac

Click here for the Bogart 9 Windows release notes

 Click here to download Bogart 9 for the Linux Standalones (Generation 3)

Click here for the Bogart 9 for Linux release notes

Click here to download the Bogart 9 Manual

Arabesk 6 and 7, plus several other programs were loaded when you installed Bogart 9 Windows. but there are dozens of add-ons which are not loaded. If Bogart 9 came with one of our Casablanca 4 Systems, they are located in the SW folder on the Desktop. If you are using your own computer, you must download the ones you want to demo, and buy the unlock code from your dealer, if you like the program.

Rather than having frequent sales, we have decided to keep low add-on software pricing everyday of the year. So no need to wait for sales anymore. Many programs have been significantly reduced. Click here for the new pricelist!

The Casablanca Expert, Chet Davis has been hard at work on his online Bogart 9 Classes, which come free with purchase. If you are new to Bogart for Windows, you will also receive his previous online classes for Bogart 7 and 8. All 3 classes comprise hours of training, but they are separated into 50 or so smaller chapters like the Special or New Button, so you can quickly access the info you need and get back to your editing. 

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