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We are Ecstatic to release Bogart 8

and Arabesk 7 for the Standalones


The Bogart SE version 8 adds new functions to the Casablanca-3 systems:

(S-2000 to S-6000, Karat / Topaz, SL-1000, and the Solitaire Ultra / Renommee Ultra.

Many improvements have been made to Bogart 8 and Arabesk 7, in both features and functions. The editing process has become easier and quicker; even while adding many new features. Bogart 8 contains many new features compared to Bogart 7, which simplify video editing, and improve the creative workflow:

Media pool

The Media Pool is an archive in which video scenes and audio samples can be stored and archived. The most important media functions at a glance:

  • Media Pool accessible in video and audio editing.
  • Access from all projects.
  • Contents remain stored permanently.
  • Replaces and expands the clipboard, which was temporary storage, and cumbersome.
  • Saves scenes in different formats (also several parallel).
  • Automatic conversion for non-matching formats, and between PAL and NTSC.
  • Simple operation by clicking or drag & drop.
  • Nameable folders, so you can stay organized.
  • Undo retrieves deleted scenes or entire folders.
  • Separate data backup via Hard Drive Back Up Sentry.
  • Only available with active silver or gold edition and multi-line scene storage (resolution-dependent).


  • The Bogart 8 user interface is more customizable: screen settings, sizes of symbols, thumbnails, fonts and the mouse pointer, depending on your requirements and desires.
  • The size of the controls can be changed (font, mouse pointer, small picture, etc.).
  • The size of the mouse pointer adapts to the font size and can also be reduced or enlarged.
  • Many areas were better adapted and expanded to high-resolution screens. Some of the new displays are not available at low resolutions.
  • Advanced options for color selection of the user interface (minimum Silver edition).
  • Improved operation: brightness is changeable, selectable structures for the background and the color of the mouse pointer can be changed.
  • Switching between the menus is simplified via a uniform navigation bar with buttons.
  • When editing, you can now trim scenes directly in the small preview.
  • Project number and resolution are now displayed above the project name in the Edit screen.
  • The current scene in the storyboard can be dragged and dropped within the storyboard or copied to the scene tray (min. Silver edition).
  • The shuttle TT control is illustrated by a small picture instead of a star.
  • Via a new switch, you can directly change settings in some screens.
  • Most of the lists now have switches to jump directly to the beginning and end.
  • You can now also select several clips (Gold-Edition) at the same time.


  • The effect menus have been reworked and now offer various new possibilities.
  • Separate selection lists for favorites (gold edition) or frequently used effects (minimum silver edition, resolution-dependent).
  • Insert / remove in the lists also by drag & drop (min. Silver edition).
  • Permanently embedded single-frame or animated loop preview (Gold-Edition).
  • Archive for individual effect settings (min. Silver edition).
  • Switch to reset the settings to default in many additional programs.

Audio / Audio dubbing

The audio dubbing menu has been reworked, which is especially important for higher resolutions.

  • Restructured and unified interface for storyboard and timeline display.
  • Audio level indicator also for storyboard views.
  • Improved and enhanced zoom capabilities in Timeline (Gold Edition).
  • More storyboard display with scene preview, track and sound information.
  • Switches to directly mute the individual tracks.
  • Improved navigation (new switches, keyboard control).
  • Switch "Storyboard".

Various / Play / Export

  • The media pool has been improved (improved preview, import of grayscale images (Gold edition) ...).
  • When playing in the export menu, you can now turn off the play screen, activate an endless play and an automatic play after the start (min. Silver edition).

In addition to all these highlights of the new features of Bogart 8, you get all the features, advantages, and benefits of the earlier versions of Bogart!


Until March 31, 2017, you can buy Bogart 8 for the Standalones for 20% OFF!

Upgrade from Bogart 7 to version 8: normally $159 SALE: $127

Bogart 8 full version: normally $299 SALE: $239

The above prices are for downloads, if you want a disc package mailed USPS Priority it would be $20.

Here is the Bogart Linux 8 download link:



Here are the Release Notes:


Here is the current price list:


All Sales are exclusively through our experienced VARs, who use our product everyday with their video productions:


When calling your Dealer, or a VAR from the list above about this Sale, or the Winter Casablanca 4 Sale, or the Bogart 8 for Windows Sale; be sure to ask for the free link to the Casablanca virtual Conference. Chet Davis, Gary McNally, Jorg Sprave, Lou Bruno, Ken Smithers, and Michael Huebmer spent about 8 hours on November 5th talking about all things Casablanca and Videography. There was a treasure trove of information, and we highly recommend you watch it. Fortunately, you will not have to do 8 hours straight. Chet has cut it up into segments.




We do not want to bury Arabesk 7 any deeper, as it is a major upgrade to Disc authoring and burning. Here are our major features, advantages, and benefits; but you may have your own:

  • Chapters can now be defined in the Edit Menu, and are accurate. Just select the clips in the SB you want to be chapters. This feature only works with Bogart 7 and 8, and not Bogart 5 and 6.
  • Auto can be turned on so it will adjust the data rate enough to automatically fit your project into your disc size (you can also manually adjust data rate).
  • The Disc Menu can be used on both the DVD and Blu-ray discs, so you only need to design the disc once.
  • Disc Preview allows you to test all the functions of your disc before burning.
  • Bi-Lingual capability of having any 2 languages on your disc, which disc players can select.
  • Carried forward from Arabesk 6 is the 10-disc project capability.
  • Carried forward from Arabesk 6 is the ability to export ISO files. You can email the ISO file to a duplication house or client, who can then dupe or burn the project. You can also archive all your discs, and burn them when an order comes in. There are many free Internet programs that will burn ISO files to disc, or you can import it back into Arabesk 7 for burning there. Also, many of your Disc duplicators today contain a hard drive, which you can store your ISO files on. Whenever you need to burn one of those ISOs, you can burn it right off the duplicator hard drive. If you have an 11-target duplicator, you can burn 11 discs at a time right from the ISO file, which has less chance of errors, since it is a first generation burn. When you burn a disc, and use it as the master in your duplicator, you are making 2nd generation discs. This is rarely a problem, but if you sell a lot of DVDs, just one problem on a 100 disc project could turn into many problems.

Those are the highlights, but there are many other new features. Arabesk 7 loads when you install Bogart Windows 8. It will run in Demo Mode if you want to try it for free first. You will need a license code for Bogart 5 or higher to install Bogart 8 (it contains Bogart 5.14a, 6.8a., 7.6a, and 8.3a). For Information contact your dealer:


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