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 For the Standalones is here!

This includes the S-Series, Topaz, and Karat

Here are the Casablanca Experts' favorite new features, advantages, and benefits:


Chet Davis, the Casablanca Expert has 7 pages with more depth on Bogart 7.2 Linux if you are a member. If you are not a member, either you did not know, or frankly you are penny wise and pound foolish. His resources of about 2000 pages and webinars only cost 30 some cents a day, and you can find answers fast with his search button 24x7x365. This feature alone has saved us many weekend deadlines.


Instead of translating the German manual for Bogart 7, we commissioned Chet to do a video. It is included with your Bogart 7 Linux purchase in one of two forms. If you do the download version, the online video is included in the price. If you want all 3 DVDs mailed: (Chets FP16 Disc, Bogart 7 Disc, and the new Add-on Disc) with the release notes and install instructions, it adds $20 to the download version pricing:


All sales are exclusively through our dealer network. 

As we ramp up the maturing Windows Bogart product line in the Americas, a healthy dealer network is the key to success.


Here are the release notes for the Bogart 7.2 standalones and Arabesk 6.3:




If you have never downloaded and burned ISO DVD discs, I would order the discs from your dealer. Here are the two software downloads, and how to burn them:




Contact your dealer to get the code, or discs and code, as Bogart 7 does not work in Demo Mode. If you do not have a dealer, here is the list: 


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