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Bogart 10 for the Standalones

is officially released in the Americas!!



All Bogart 10 sales are through our VAR’s: http://www.macrosystem.us/Value_Added_Resellers.php

All prices are based on downloading and burning the 2 discs. If you need the discs mailed priority, they are only $20. If you are upgrading from Bogart 9, the price is only $159. From Bogart 6, 7, or 8 it is $225. From Bogart 5 or earlier it is $299.

Even if you do not do the paid upgrade, you should at least do the free upgrade for Bogart 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9. For instance, many still use Bogart 5.3, or 5.5. These discs will give you 15 or 17 free updates to Bogart 5.20c. In other words, 5 years of updates for free.

Arabesk 7 is required with these versions of Bogart.  Arabesk 7 runs in Demo mode.  It is the full version that includes 10 Arabesk Projects, and unlimited ISO Image Imports and Exports. It will put the word DEMO on your discs, but you can try before you buy. Upgrading from Arabesk 6 is $79. Upgrading from Arabesk 5 or lower is $129. After you enter the license code, the word DEMO goes away on all subsequent projects.

Click this line to download Bogart 10, the new Add-on SW Disc, and the Bogart 10 Release Notes.

Click here for the Bogart 9 manual, and the Bogart 10 addendum.

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