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As you can see from the video above, Bogart 10 for Windows (Feb 6 release) and Linux (March 19 release) is a major step forward. The world's easiest to learn software, has also increased it's big lead as the quickest video editor from the start of a project to the finish. All the repetitive task buttons reside on the top menu, not buried deep in sub menus. You don't need to know what format your new video is in, Bogart tells you what it is, and sets the project for you. So imports go quickly because there is no slow transcoding of formats, or artifacts, or annomolies; and project redos are avoided. 

Considering the Euro went up 20% in 2017 versus the US Dollar, we are keeping prices low. For those upgrading from Bogart 9 Gold, the major upgrade is only $159. For those upgrading from Bogart Gold versions 6, 7, or 8 to Bogart Gold 10, it  is only $225. For new buyers Bogart 10 Gold is $299. The Casablanca Expert's training classes for Bogart 10 are included free with purchase of Bogart 10 Gold. Prices are lower for Arabesk 7 if you do not already have it. For those upgrading from Arabesk 6 the price is only $79. For the new buyer Arabesk 7 is $129.  

Click here for all the Bog Win 10 and current Add-on SW, manuals, and release notes on one page! 


Bogart 10 Gold and earlier versions have a Slo-motion effect built in, but it is not as good as some high-end productions had required before now. We now have Time-X which does both Interlaced and Progressive formats, and goes all the way up to 4K in resolution. Bogart 10 also easily and quickly transcodes Interlaced to Progressive formats, for optimal slomo results. Here is Joel Brook’s excellent video:


Even better is the price for these awesome time tools, as they are only $159 for Bogart for Windows, and if you own Twixtor on a standalone, we even have upgrade pricing of only $99. While we are on the topic of Slo-Mo, Bogart 10 Gold has a little-known feature that supports all of the new 120 and 240 frames per second cameras we have tested. This is an even better way to create Slo-Motion shots, as the camera shoots the extra frames. But Time-X can also be used with the extra frames to create Super Slo-Mo, as the software creates (interpolates) the extra frames. Not only do these cameras do Slo-Mo, but they also do 60fps Progressive Full 2K HD, and other standard formats for normal work. The GoPro Hero 6  for $450 is all you need.


As you add the frames of Slo-Motion, or the extra resolution of 2K or 4K, all this data processing can slow down your editing machine.  Our customers still working in Standard Definition resolution may not understand this new world of high resolution and unlimited format types, since SD is low resolution, and there are only 2 formats. Just to put SD into perspective, it is approximately 333 kilobytes of data per frame of video. 4K is 4,000 kilobytes per frame. So, it is about 12 times the data to process per frame when processing, decoding, encoding, importing, and exporting 4K video.

Up to now, 4K was a very slow editing process, but now we have an inexpensive software that can speed up 4K to the speed of approximately 2K editing, and 2K to the speed of approximately 1K editing. It is called the Bogart Windows Pro Pack, and it is only $59.


All our Casablanca 4 models have the Intel i5 and i7 (4th generation or higher processor) necessary for these types of speeds to be realized (if you are using the HDMI output connecter from the Intel main board). If you are using a separate Graphics Processing board in one of the optional PC slots for your HDMI or Display Port video output, make sure to move the cable to the Intel HDMI output. Notebook processors may be limited depending on the model. Many important and popular Bogart features have been specially optimized to take advantage of Windows Pro acceleration even more. These include video Import, video decoding and encoding, MX-Creator add-on, color correction, color bezel, image corrections, zoom, circular aperture, wipe, soft aperture, double exposure, fade-in, hide, and crossfade. To see what you have, type "System Information" into the search box in the lower left-hand corner of Windows. If it says i5 or i7 and 4xxx CPU or higher, you should be good to go. But we do have a free demo version of our software, which you can download to see if your system speeds up enough to justify purchase. The Demo software resides in a separate location and does not affect your other Bogart version, or it's projects.

We want to thank our Software Developers and Beta Testers for their major achievements these past 18 months. There are even more programs and videos below, showcasing their talents. When you consider each program has many versions before it can pass beta testing, and each version must be thoroughly tested, we need to bring in more testers to keep up with the Developers. We are looking for testers who are very experienced with our software, and have the time to test at least 3 times a week. It would be nice if you had one of our Standalones, as well as a Bogart for Windows editor. We supply the software, and you supply your time. When you find a repeatable bug, you must be able to type step by step instructions, so it can be repeated by the team, and then verified and fixed by the Developers. For more information, please contact our Beta Team leader: justin@macrosystem.us

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