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With the 3D Edit software you can create your own three-dimensional film projects with your Casablanca. In 3D Edit for Bogart, the so-called "side-by-side" method used. Two different images for the left and right eyes are squeezed together in a stored image. Almost all available effects, even from older add-on packages, will work within 3D projects.  3D scenes can also be created and maintained in the anaglyph process ("Red-Green", "green-magenta" etc.).

There are several ways to get video footage in 3D:

1. Ideally, you have a 3D camera that stores the material in the side-by-side method. The material can then play as normal.

2. With two side-mounted cameras, you can simulate a 3D camera. The recorded scenes are imported separately. In this case, you should trim the two matching scenes to the same length, then you put them side by side into the storyboard and apply the "3D Connect" transition.

3. Import ready material from CD / DVD, USB, or from the Media Manager archive and select the appropriate type for your 3D scenes.

4. Create a 3D scene from 2D material. Over the long term, or special-effect "creating 3D" can convert ordinary scenes in 3D. This is obviously not a true 3D, but it is working with an optical illusion. Especially when the moving material (pan ...) but you can still get an interesting 3D effect.

To view these 3D scenes, and ultimately the whole film you need in the ideal case, a 3D-compatible TV with 3D glasses on spatial perception. These glasses are available in various designs and shapes for the chosen mode in the trade. For eyeglass wearers, there are 3-D glasses as well as intent, which can be placed in front of their own glasses.

**PLEASE NOTE - 3D Edit software does not currently support the MVC format.**


Software requirements:
Bogart 3.6c and higher  


Courtesy of Hughes Pictures

Courtesy of Hughes Pictures

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