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Slow motion that seems as if the footage was filmed with high speed cameras and quick motion in incredible quality. Variable slow down and acceleration within a scene. Eliminate unwanted flashes. Everything you ever wanted for your professional videos is now possible with one software: Twixtor.

Twixtor is a video time length solution (retiming) developed by RE:Vision Effects, making it possible to accelerate or slow down video sequences.

Twixtor renders completely new, individual frames using the so-called warping method and interpolates the original sequence. The technology created by RE:Vision Effect has won an Academy Award. It renders every single pixel on the screen, making for a breathtaking quality -- in both SD and HD.


Twixtor allows you to create slow motion with the kind of quality that requires high-speed cameras. There is no jerky movement, it's totally smooth. You can even use Twixtor with moving footage, pans or during zooms -- no problem. And there are lots of setting help to adapt to critical footage, even for unfavourable material.

The amount of slow or fast motion can be variable. Using a rubber band, you can even apply different motion speeds within a scene, much like some special effects in the movies. For example, you can start off with the regular speed, then slow it down during highlights, then accelerate again and finish off with the original speed once more.


One special feature of the Casablanca version of Twixtor is the ability to remove unwanted flashes from videos, which may be even more annoying in a slow motion scene. For this, Twixtor analyses the brightness levels in single frames and replaces "flashed" frames with a correct frame. This function can of course also be used without applying slow motion.

Product by RE:Vision Effects are in use in movie production, TV shows and commercials.

Twixtor is compatible with all Casablanca models running the Bogart SE editing software. Users of Motion Perfect qualify for a discounted price.


Download a short democlip for Twixtor (34 MB, DivX AVI format).
(All sequences were shot with consumer camcorders and were edited with the Casablanca S4000 Pro using an early beta version of Twixtor. - Music: Highland-Musikarchiv)


(Smart Rendering is currently not supported by Twixtor)

System requirements:
Bogart SE 1.3 / Bogart SE 2.0

UPDATE - Twixtor version 1.1 is a free update for current Twixtor users that includes a fix for working with footage recorded in the progressive mode.    This update is designed to work with 30p and 60i modes in NTSC.  Twixtor 1.1 can run on any Bogart version higher than Bogart version 1.   This product will not function with Smart Edit Operating systems.   The progressive mode is supported in the follwing sections of Twixtor: "Twixtor Slow-Motion", "Twixtor Quick-Motion" and "Twixtor Length-Adjust".    Note: The "Twixtor Vario" operator will not fully support progressive footage and could result in a error or a still frame at the end of a rendered scene. 

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