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SmartEdit 9


Overview of New Functions and Improvements.

The following shows you the most important changes in the Smart Edit 9 software in comparison to version 8 .3.


Controls and functionality related to audio mixing have been extensively revised and expanded. Many of these changes will only become visible when you opt for the Timeline view in one of the higher resolutions.
When you play sequences while mixing audio, all tracks will be correctly mixed with all changes to volume and envelope, without calculating them first. Only effects must still be calculated.
The sound curve will be displayed in combination with the envelope for all samples.
The envelope can be changed directly for each sample that has been displayed.
The number of sound tracks that is being displayed is freely configurable (up to 3, or up to 6 with the Pro Pack).
It is now also possible to mute individual sound tracks.
Sound samples can be inserted wherever you want in the tracks, and you can then freely move them around within and between sound tracks.
Several functions can be selected directly at the sound track via a selector switch.
The small left trackball button can be used over the envelope to activate several additional functions.
The status of the sound tracks (locked/unlocked) can now be changed while dubbing.
The yellow guidelines can now be displayed over the full height.
It is now also possible to change the sound volume of a sample, regardless of the envelope.
When modifying the envelope, sample over modulation (clipping) will be shown right away.
There is now also an over modulation test for the entire storyboard or timeline.
The Create sample function has been completely reworked. It is now also possible to combine sound tracks.
The envelope window now allows to either play one sample or all tracks in parallel.
Sound pre-mixing is now also possible when using transition effects.
Sound samples in unlocked sound tracks should usually no longer be removed when editing the video.

Recording HDV

In addition to 1440x1080, HD resolution 1280x720 is now also supported.


The clipboard can now be activated directly via a button. Longer calculations can also be interrupted.
The clipboard now also corrects the aspect ratios between SD projects and adjusts the resolution between HD projects.
A new display mode has been added which allows the display of relevant names of scenes, images and effects during playback.
The multiline scene bin now appears also at lower screen resolutions (such as 1280 x 720, 16:9 project).
You can now move on all the lines of the multiline scene bin, instead of only the middle one.
You can now zoom out so far as to fit 120 minutes on the screen, without scrolling.


Rendering of effects is now significantly faster. This is quite obvious with the important fade transition.


HDV footage that has been calculated and which is ready for export is now saved separately for each project
When creating HDV, it is now also possible to do so with a resolution of 1280x720 (in projects of that resolution).


The systems settings have been completely restructured and are now laid out more clearly.
The synchronization between image and sound can be adjusted.
When mixing sound, the envelope display can now be switched off and on.


A project can now be copied to a different, previously empty project.
If you let the pointer pause on the image of a scene or an effect, relevant information will be displayed.

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