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QuadCam promises to be a great product with high interest from event videographers, Community TV, educational institutions and others!


The QuadCam multi camera software for Casablanca allows the user to select between 2, 3 or 4 scenes from the scene bin. (for example, four cameras from a wedding or graduation ceremony). These scenes are displayed in reduced size in a separate menu and can be played back simultaneously on the TV-set or monitor. During this playback, the user can switch between them – in a live fashion. Casablanca then saves the point in time for each scene change and exports this information to the Storyboard. In the Storyboard, the first scene is used as a background scene in full length, the remaining scenes are added as "insert" scenes on top of this background scene. Adding extra effects such as fades can be accomplished as usual with the aid of Casablanca’s editing functions.

In addition to this powerful software, QuadCam comes with Smart Sync DV, a revolutionary method to generate time-synchronous video material from 2 to 4 camcorders. DV camcorders usually do not have timecode input, but MacroSystem has invented Smart Sync DV that allows for perfect "syncing" without time-code, start claps or other methods. This makes QuadCam much more comfortable and faster than any other solution on the market.

A printed manual is available for this product.

(This program can't be used in VGA-one monitor mode. This program can not be used on Casablanca Claro and Gymnos systems)

QuadCam Version 1.2 (only for Bogart SE)

The changes/improvements:

- Compatible with Bogart SE.
- In addition to SD, now also suitable for high-resolution projects (HDV and AVCHD)
- Supports all screen modes (video, VGA, DVI/HDMI)
- Correct Aspect Ratio in all project and screen formats
- Higher screen frequency with up to 25 frames/second
- Displays scene names in the selection buttons
- SmartSync function dropped

The update is free for owners of the product (license code).

Software requirements:
SMART EDIT 3.6c / Bogart SE


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