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PiP-Studio 3D

PiP-Studio 3D consequently expands on the last PiP-Studio package by adding the third dimension. The Picture-in-Picture function for Casablanca is one of the most popular effects available.


create multiple PiPs on individual motion paths / crop unwanted picture content

The current incarnation allowed to position a scene on top of another in multiple ways, forms and with a variable border. Many other creative tools such as border colour, transparency and shadow effects made for professional results.

expanded "shape-library" / add up to three light sources

We would suggest going through the various presets
to get a quick idea of how powerful this software can be...

This concept has remained at the heart of the PiP-Studio 3D, but this time, the scenes and borders are treated to a three-dimensional and animated room
effect. Plenty of ways to create new and exciting effects!

You can animate multiple objects along your own movement paths, use the Image Pool to grab border graphics and combine 3D and 3D PiPs.

More highlights:

  • Slow acceleration and deceleration of PiPs along a key path
  • Expanded "shape-library" with new forms and shapes
  • Crop picture content for the PiP
  • Add realistic lighting effects to the PiP
  • Number of presets for quick effects (press and go!)
  • In order to support Casablanca with slower processing power and still allow for swift 3D work with the editor, the display can be changed from realistic to wire-frame.

A printed manual is available for this product.

Software requirements:
256 MB RAM


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