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Filter Pack

This product comprises a wide range of filter options for creative film manipulation.

Apply a configurable and dissolvable out-of-focus effect to a video scene. Any titles and text panels subsequently added will be enhanced.


The filter pack contains a wide choice of filters for out-of-focus and soft focus. It can be used to particular effect in wedding and event videos.



Produce new dynamic effects with circular out-of-focus highlights, or style an antique look with the aid of glow and colour filters.

Watch a videoclip for Filter Pack (11 MB, Quicktime format)

Comprehensive online help provided in the installation menu and when selecting titles informs you about the various settings options available for each effect. You can also install this product as a free demo version.

Effect  Description  Options 
Blurry Spots  This filter renders the light or dark image areas as patches of colour with blur at their extremities, thereby integrating them harmoniously into the image as a whole. The effect can be used to add an artistic touch.    
Circle Blur  This filter computes a circular out-of-focus area around a freely definable circular image area. It is particularly suitable for enhancing the dynamic effect of an image or for drawing the eye to a particular image area.    
Color Blotches  This filter lends the scene the style of an impressionist painting, and is particularly effective for stills.    
Color Filter  This filter adds colour filters or glow effects to the scene. It is particularly suitable for producing a "romantic", soft-focus look by means of an out-of-focus glow effect. Select from a number of default settings.   
Detail Smoothing  This filter smooths/cleans areas of image noise whilst preserving sharpness. The resulting scene acquires an artistic touch.    
Direction Blur 2  This filter enables the scene to be distorted in a desired direction. The level of out-of-focus can also be selected.    
Newspaper Image  This filter resolves the scene into a dot pattern, similar in appearance to that of an enlarged newspaper picture. The scene can be computed in black & white or in colour, as desired.    
Out of Focus 2  This filter enables a horizontal and/or vertical blur effect to be selected for the scene.    
Radial Blur  This filter computes a radiant out-of-focus region around a freely definable circular area. The effect is similar to that of the Circle Blur filter.    
Shining  This filter enables either the light or dark areas of the image to be amplified (shining effect). The filter lends the image a particular luminous quality. The effect can be used to add an artistic touch.                             .   

Software requirements:
SMART EDIT 2.5, 3.0, 4.0

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