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MacroSystem’s classic editing version 8: The new update comes with plenty of new functions and features and many user-interface improvements. Video editing has never been this good.

Timeline mode (edit menu).

For the first time, Casablanca editors can choose between popular storyboard editing and a timeline mode. The timeline follows the same mode of operation as the storyboard, so it is easy to use, but it has extensive zooming functions and independent tracks for inserts, transitions, and image processing/titling. The timeline is available for the edit menu, the FX menus and the audio menu.

A new tool for stacking effects has been added. Now, the Casablanca editor can create her/his own combination of effects, simply by combining individual image processing effects into one. For example, it is possible to use the image control effect to brighten a scene up, then the lens flare to make it more interesting, then the sharpen effect to let it look more detailed, and finally the film effect to give it an aged film look. This combination can be saved as “MyFilmLook”, for example. This not only speeds up editing, but it also delivers better image quality as the raw material is only decompressed and compressed once, whereas the “Scene” function adds another recompression for each effect used.

Import and use your favourite font.

Font Import Tool – Now it is possible to import a common True Type (scalable) font into the Casablanca and use that font the same way as the original Casablanca fonts. Fonts can be brought in on a USB stick or CD/DVD. Truetype fonts only (.ttf files). In addition, you can now add an alpha channel .png image generated by a PC or Mac, and add that logo to the video. You can freely position and size the logo.

Simply add timecode and your logo to the finished video.

Timecode Tool – a function to put in a timecode into the resulting video. This way, the editor can give a tape to the customer and ask the customer to give his feedback based on the TC in the video. This is possible now. You can freely decide the size and position of the TC, plus there is a choice between the original (camcorder) timecode, the internal Casablanca timecode, the recording time/date or any combination.


Sorting Tool – now, the user can select scenes and move them to other locations, both in the scene bin and in the storyboard. A fantastic way to bring some tidiness into a large project. Multi select feature allow to insert/copy/delete several scenes at once.

The clip "lambo" has been trimmed.
The "x" on top of the second "porsche" clip indicates
that this clip has been modified with an effect.

There are also scene markers: The new software will add a marker (each) for a scene that has been trimmed in, trimmed out, and/or been generated by an effect. This makes it much easier to find scenes that have been worked on already.

The audio scene joiner – now, you can select audio pieces in the audio menu, and join them into one scene. This scene can be automatically put into the storyboard or timeline, with the exact same location of course. It is like a “scene” function for audio.

The clipboard has been improved and made more user-friendly. It is possible to select multiple scenes, copy both SD and HD footage and make them compatible to a current project. In 4:3 projects, you can choose between a conversion mode for 16:9 HDV: "Borders", "Distortion" or "Panorama".

All effect lists now contain the last effects used. This allows you to find quickly your most popular and last used effects.

The following is a list 1) of all new functions in the Smart Edit 8 software, plus some important additional information:

Timeline mode (audio mix window).

- Alternatively, it is possible to use the Timeline edit mode (with video, insert and two effect tracks) 2)
- Scene in the edit bin now contain additional information (IN/OUT trimmed, rendered, marked)
- The clipboard has been redesigned (multiple selection, various options, Power Key support 6), etc.)
- Scene bin and Storyboard now allow you to directly copy, sort, delete scenes
- It is possible to mark scenes and edit them with multiple functions
- The Edit menu contains a new button "Render Storyboard"

- Often used effects are shown first in the effects list (can be deactivated)
- Countdown effect has been much enhanced.
- The Image Processing effect "Effect stack" allows you to collect multiple effects in one go. Such an effect combination can be saved.
- Acoustical signal (optional) at the end of lengthy renderings
- Empty scene or sample creation features definable, fixed lengths

Image Pool
- It is possible to use up to 60 own images
- An image can be selected from a frame within a video
- When colouring a scene, there is a preset button with back/forth selection
- The preview in the Image Pool also shows translucency
- The preview displays the correct aspect ratio (4:3 and 16:9)
- Support for HD masks and animations 5)

- Multiple audio tracks can be merged and stored as a new sample
- Smoother fade-ins and outs

- DVD Arabesk can be started directly from the main menu, Ksebara using the function "Edit - New"
- When finalizing, it is possible to add and render a logo 3)
- Timecodes, date, clock time can be rendered into the final video 3)

- It is possible to import fonts for titling, DVD-Arabesk etc.
- All system colours are stored in an archive, useful for own schemes and predefined examples
- System Setting contain a volume control for playback volume 4)
- Keyboard control has been extended in various parts of the software: New functions, clipboard, sliders, etc. 6)
- The project screen size can be set to “Complete” if you are working with true borderless footage

The are of course more small enhancements and improvements added, not necessarily listed here.

1) 23.09.2008. Details subject to change.
2) Display only possible in monitor modes with higher resolutions (VGA 1024x768 and higher)
3) Not in HDV mode
4) dependent on the hardware in use
5) only with future add-on products
6) only with (optional) Power Key ad-on

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