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Smart Edit 6 – New Features

The following list of features contains the most important changes since Smart Edit 5. In addition, there are also smaller problem fixes and improvements not specifically mentioned in this document.

- In DV projects, it is now possible to store your Storyboard to a DV tape using a special backup mode. When loaded back into the system, once auto split, the original Storyboard is essentially restored again. The system restores scenes incl. their names (except for inserts), effects incl. their settings (except for title texts and the settings of larger add-on products) and the original sound track.

backup the Storyboard to an external device

- Further archiving: The Storyboard can be burned to CD/DVD or saved to an external Firewire hard-drive. After restoring, the Storyboard can be reconstructed again in much the same fashion as via DV tape (see above).
- DVDs created with Casablanca can be imported back into the system. They are re-rendered, stored as a scene and can then be used in the Storyboard like any other footage.
- Different kinds of archives (colours, title texts, audio effect combinations) can be stored on external mediums (CD/DVD, USB stick 1), external Firewire hard-drive).

- The direct sound import feature (samples) now supports MP3 files (in the Audio Record, Edit menu). Import is possible from CD and DVD.

select multiple titles in one go

- Importing a CD/DVD now allows you to select any multiple titles in one go.
- The play preview functionality for the CD import can be set to different values.

"audio-scene" function

- The new Scene function for audio renders all soundtracks of any Storyboard area to a new sample 4).
- It is now possible to use multiple audio effects simultaneously in the Audio Mix menu (effect combinations).
- The new effect combinations can be saved and later used again (Archives).
- Sound effects from the new audio pool can be incorporated using the "Sounds" effect operator. This turns the sound effects into samples and allows you to use them in the Audio Mix (see "Audio Record, Edit / New Sample").

- In VGA mode, trimming and splitting HDV footage is now displayed in high resolution.
- An HDV Storyboard can be stored to a CD/DVD or an external Firewire hard-drive.
- In the Image Pool, images in HDV format are now labelled as such.

- In the System Settings screen options, there are new modes: For playing video on a VGA monitor (single monitor VGA output), options are now "Field", "Frame" and the new mode "Deinterlace". In this mode, any possible interlace stripe patterns on moving objects are reduced.
- The aspect ratio for playback and trimming in VGA can now be set to the new mode "Good" – this results in an improved playback quality. 2)

Rendering + Effects

Simply assign sound effects / jingles to transition effects

- A sound effect can be assigned to transition effects. For this purpose, there is an audio pool with suitable samples.
- When creating a scene, there is now an extra choice: The scene can be deposited in the Scene Bin or is taken directly to the Storyboard. This way, the constant pop up requester is avoided 4).

auto-split options

- During an automatic scene split, there are now two extra options for determining what happens with the edited material: "Add to Storyboard" and "Add to Scene Bin".
- There is a new Image Processing effect called "Movie mode": This effect renders scenes with the 50i (interlace) format to 25p (progressive).
- The new Image Processing effect "Panorama-Zoom" renders scenes from 4:3, Letterbox and 16:9 so that there are no black borders.

import text documents from an USB stick

- In the title editor, it is now possible to import simple text documents (from CD/DVD, Firewire hard-drive, USB stick 1)).

- Smart Edit 6 can be installed as an update if the previous version is version 5. The project data remains untouched. Users of Smart Edit 4 or lower need to make a full installation.
- The maximum amount of possible projects has been increased from 10 to 30. 4)

multiple selection in the Clipboard

- In the Clipboard, multiple items can now be selected. 4)

Bubble Help for interface elements

- Symbol-only interface elements now partially show their function in the form a text "Bubble Help" when the pointer is left hovering above the symbol for a second. This function can be switched on/off in the System Settings.
- The automatic shut down time for Casablanca can now be changed or totally switched off in the System Settings.
- Replacing scenes in the Storyboard and moving on to the next scene using a key command is now also possible in conjunction with the Repeat function 3).

1) Requires the add-on product "Card Drive"
2) Depending on the Casablanca model type, some units may display a reduced frame rate
3) Requires the "Power Key" optional product
4) On smaller Casablanca, "Pro Pack" software required

SMART EDIT 6 requires at least 256 MB RAM.

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