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Elastic Dreams

This add-on provides simple but powerful tools to alter or distort an image or change it into another one either manually or by applying predefined functions. This tried and tested product, which customers are familiar with from the Casablanca I, has been improved considerably by the creators of the previous version. It is now faster, more powerful and easier to use.


  • You can warp the appearance of a scene as much as you like using "Elastic Dreams Warp". Make parts of the body look gigantic, close an eyelid or increase the length of noses and hair! You can define as many intermediate steps as you like - the fluidity of movement is always maintained. You can view the distortions in real time and can make corrections whenever you like.
  • Why not make animals and even objects talk! First record someone or yourself reading out a text. The movements of your mouth are then used as a template! Now you can make a picture of your cat start talking. Simply use the "Elastic Dreams Draw" tools to open and close your cat's mouth in time with the movements of your mouth. It will then look like it is talking in synch with your voice!
  • You can create several effects using "Elastic Dreams Fx". The numerous options (manual drawing, prepared effects, soft fades) can be combined in any way you like to produce new and unusual effects.
  • Turn one person into someone else or make an object transform elegantly into another! You can display two scenes superimposed on one another with adjustable transparency and then use the powerful tools in "Elastic Dreams Morph" to simply overlay distinctive points in the image such as eyes and ears, etc. The result is a gentle and fluid transformation that looks amazing and can be used as the highlight in a perfect video.
  • And if you simply want to see a spectacular transition effect, then "Elastic Dreams Op" is just the thing. The special effects from the other components of the software can easily be used here with the minimum of user involvement. All you need do is make your selection or delve into the archive.


A printed manual is available for this product.

Software requirements:
Avio / Kron: System-Software 1.9


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