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Effect pack 8


 Watch a Quicktime video for Effect pack 8 (1,3 MB).

This effect pack contains 13 effects, 8 image-processing effects and 5 transition effects. Many of these effects have been developed according to specific customer wishes.

Effect  Description  Preview 
Black border  The effect "black border" uses black to cover margin areas in otherwise non-visible image areas so that no "distortions" occur.   
Blurred spot  You can create a fuzzy, unsharp, circular area to cover a person's face or a logo for example.   
Cine converter  With this effect it is possible to convert scenes in 4:3 format to 16:9 format, and vice versa. This makes it possible to use scenes in both formats in a project.   
Circle wipe 2  In contrast to circle fade, the fade center can be picked at will on the screen. This allows you, for example, to position the fade at a particular object in the image.   
Drunken man  This effect can be used to simulate the "distorted vision" of a drunk person, a boxer just before knock-out, or other similar situations.   
Frame swap  This effect simply switches from one scene to another periodically. You can set the scene duration.   
Heatwave  This effect simulates the shimmering and flicker of rising warm air.   
Rotate 2  This effect makes it possible to rotate an image exactly 1/10 degree.   
Shift fade   
Statue  Let your single images (e.g. photos) move, so that a pretend video scene is created.   
Tunnel  An image portion within a circle is left unaffected. The rim of the circle is extended (and possibly distorted) out to the image edges so that it appears as if you are looking into a mirrored tunnel or pipe.   
Tunnel 2  Similar to the tunnel effect, a transition is made either from the circle rim out or from the image edges in.   
Zoom fade   

Software requirements:
Avio / Kron: System-Software 1.9

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